How to Safely Transport Classic, Luxury and Exotic Cars

Do you have a classic, luxury, or exotic car you need to be transported safely and you are looking for the best ways to do it? This is the right place to get all the answers, so follow our expert advice and be calm because your vehicle will be in safe hands. We will provide you with all the information you need to get the best classic, luxury, and exotic car shipping possible across the USA. Read this text and leave all your worries behind. This should not be one of the most stressful and worrisome tasks for any owner of an expensive car anymore.

Fully-Enclosed Trailers for Total Safety

Luxury, exotic and classic car transport servicing requires special care and attention. That is why you should start the process by looking for a moving company that is securing your vehicle inside of a fully-enclosed car trailer. This type of trailer is specially designed to transport expensive vehicles with absolutely no damage. That means no scratches, no dents, etc. You can rest assured your car won’t be exposed to the elements as well, which is quite comforting.

Something important you should know is that transportation in a fully-enclosed car trailer might not be an option with all companies. For that reason, you must ask them beforehand to verify that they provide this opportunity.

Insurance is an Absolute Must

When the time comes to choose the right classic, exotic, and especially luxury car transport cross-country, ask the company what insurance does it provide. You need to be calm during this stressful shipping situation and it will come if you know upfront what the compensation would be in case of an accident en route. This is such crucial information and you should never hesitate to ask all the questions you might have on this subject. The insurance must cover fully the cost of any possible damages on such a valuable asset as is your luxury car.

Make sure you also know how much of a deductible is involved, so you are prepared. Avoiding all types of misunderstandings about coverage will make you feel way safer about the shipping process.

Look Out for a Company with Vast Experience and Pedigree

The company that you hire must have the experience and all the licenses needed for moving these prized vehicles. The experience may be the difference between your valuable car getting at its destination safely or arriving with problems. Find a company with at least a year of practice in exotic, classic, and luxury car transport, so you can be relaxed knowing they will take good care of your vehicle.

You also have to make sure that the moving company is licensed. Engaging with one that isn’t can lead to a lot of problems and headaches that you can avoid. If you don’t find anything that says the company is licensed, don’t stop there. Keep asking about it until someone can show you that they are.

A very reliable indicator of a company’s performance is the quality of customer reviews it has received. Look at car shipping reviews in diverse sources to determine whether the experience you read about is the one you are seeking. Another excellent resource for finding the reputation of auto shipping companies is the Better Business Bureau.

Preparatory Steps for the Shipping

Once you have hired transportation services to handle your vehicle, there are some steps you can take to lower the risks of damage.

  • Check your luxury car for any fluid leaks
  • Make sure the battery is secured in mounting brackets
  • Have the gas tank a quarter full
  • Disconnect the alarm system
  • Take out all radios, CD players, and car phones that are mobile
  • Remove or retract the antenna (if there is one)
  • Remove the personal items too (but leave the spare tires)

You can also give the crew of the exotic, luxury, and classic car transport company a set of your spare keys. That’s in case that there is nothing in the vehicle that can shift during the relocation and make a mess out of the interior.

Go for Door-to-Door Transportation

Do you really want to have your precious car shipped to a terminal and then go pick it up? Why do that when you can let an experienced and highly-trained crew deliver it straight to your house or garage! You should pick this great option whenever possible. And the best one is door-to-door transportation in an enclosed carrier. Yes, it costs a little bit more, but it is totally worth it when you consider the value of the cargo.

Now that you know all about the safest ways for classic, luxury, and exotic car shipping, you can relax. Your prized asset will be home soon damage-free and classy as always so you can enjoy it for a long long time.

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