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Staff Writers Needed (SM) is currently seeking motivated journalists to contribute news and opinion articles on NASCAR. We are seeking individuals that would be interested in (but not limited to) pre-race, post-race coverage and breaking news throughout the week. These opportunities will allow journalists to stand out in the industry and work for a news outlet that has had a strong credible reputation for over 20 years. Currently, all opportunities are volunteer but the exposure is well worth your time if you are interested in getting into the industry. If you are covering the race from the racetrack with an SM credential, you will be held to high ethical and professional standards during that time. This means adhering to the rules of the sanctioning body, NASCAR officials, racetrack personnel, and all of the teams.

Qualified or Interested? Please use the form below to register to write for us, or just for photography, or both! Please use the form below to register to write for us, or just for photography, or both!

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Terms of Service (TOS):

Terms of Service (TOS): Becoming a staff member for is strictly on a volunteer basis. Your stories can contain anything that you wish such as post-race analysis or any other topic you find interesting. You will be subject to criticism by online readers and may receive comments. They could be good, bad, or even ugly. Anything posted is solely your responsibility. Any copyrighted, unethical, or vulgar material will not be allowed. These stories will be erased and you will be subject to removal. Thank you for your interest.