Charlotte Motor Speedway

NASCAR Top-10 Power Rankings: Charlotte

Edwards, who won the All Star race last week, led 61 laps in the Coca-Cola 600, but late handling problems prevented any chance of a Charlotte sweep.

The Coca Cola 600; ‘The most valuable resource is the human resource’

The Coca Cola 600 is the longest race of the year. It was also the hottest race of the year so far. It is always a test of patience and endurance, not only for equipment but for the drivers as well.

Surprising and Not Surprising: Charlotte Coca Cola 600

After exceptionally exciting finishes in the Formula One Monaco Grand Prix and the Indianapolis 500 earlier in the day, all signs pointed to a stellar finish in one of NASCAR’s biggest races of the season.

A Memorial Day To Remember: The 52nd Coca-Cola 600

The Coca-Cola 600 is a race where sometimes the strangest things can happen. That's what the great races in any series are. And it is no different in NASCAR's longest race.

Trevor Bayne Emerges from Cone of Silence; Kyle Busch Sticks to His Story

After five weeks of being out of sight due to an undisclosed illness, Trevor Bayne emerged from the cone of silence that had been surrounding him and his condition.

Trevor Bayne – ‘I Missed you Guys’

Bayne handles life with a maturity and grace far beyond his years. “I think this year is just helping me figure out what I am made of."

600 Miles In The Hub of NASCAR; A preview of this weekend’s Coca Cola 600

"It's a great test of man and machine." That is what you will hear at the beginning of old racing footage of the then "World 600" at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Cole Whitt Is Just Being Cole Whitt

On the heels of the induction of the second class of the NASCAR Hall of Fame, young up and coming driver Cole Whitt is just taking it all in and learning from the masters of the sport.

Will We Ever See The ‘1100’ Again?

In the past, many drivers have attempted to run both the Indy 500 and the Coca Cola 600 on the same day. But recently, no driver has made an attempt at the famous feat.

It was a hot summer night and the track was burning…

The night seemed perfect. The glitz was all in place. The fireworks were breath taking. The excitement was palpable. The anticipation was not only visible but audible.

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