NASCAR BTS: Petty Motorsports Spring Cleaning Project

With this weekend’s race at Bristol Motor Speedway, the daffodils are blooming and Richard Petty Motorsports has begun their spring cleaning project.

This week’s edition of NASCAR Behind the Scenes focuses on Petty’s newest sponsor, a cleaning product company called Nature Blast, which will be a primary sponsor on Sam Hornish’s No. 9 Petty Ford this weekend.

Nature Blast is a unique company started by two young women who wanted to develop cleaning products that were not only eco-friendly and non-toxic, but that worked well and smelled good too.

“Crystal (Brewster, co-owner) and I have been very interested in these environmentally friendly cleaning products,” Daniela Perkins, Owner, Nature Blast, said. “We had worked together in a cleaning company that produced harsh chemicals. It’s very important to us to keep in mind the environment, children, and family.”

“I have a little bit of a chemical background. Chemistry has always interested me so I’ve learned the different types of formulas. I knew what was safe and what wasn’t. One day I picked up a bottle and saw what was in it. And I didn’t like it. So, I just decided to do research and find products that were safe for the environment, kids, and families.”

“Because of my father’s cleaning business, that was where the idea stemmed from. It was doing research as to what was out there. I wasn’t mixing chemicals or making explosives in the garage but I was familiar with compounds that would work.”

“We worked with different chemists to produce the products. I obviously needed a little bit of help and wanted to make sure that it all worked properly. So, we got a few people to join our team and had families to test the products.”

“What is great about the product too is that it smells wonderful. So, you’re not smelling an ordinary cleaning product and you know what you’re using is safe.”

Since both of the founders of Nature Blast were NASCAR fans, they were thrilled to begin a relationship with Richard Petty that started at the Daytona 500 and has now grown into a primary sponsorship opportunity at Bristol.

“To be a part of the Daytona 500 with Richard Petty Motorsports made us realize what their organization can do to help ours,” Crystal Brewster of Nature Blast sad. “The possibilities that RPM and NASCAR can offer us can’t be found anywhere else. We’re proud to have Sam and the No. 9 team represent Nature Blast in Bristol and can’t wait for NASCAR fans all over to learn about our environmentally friendly cleaning products.”

“We wanted to get into NASCAR because it’s a wonderful platform,” Perkins added. “The fans are absolutely amazing. And bottom line, it is a non-traditional route to advertise our products.”

“We all are fans of NASCAR and especially Richard Petty. He’s the King so who wouldn’t want to work with the King? We got in touch with him and he has definitely helped us out. He is such a wonderful person to work with.”

“We have also gone to the Daytona 500 race and there was a lot of networking that we did there. Richard Petty helped us with a lot of the business to business relationships as well. We’ve all worked very closely as far as that goes.”

The Nature Blast team and founders are also excited to work not only with the King, but also with driver Sam Hornish, Jr.

“Sam is the driver and he definitely likes the product. He really has been interested in endorsing us,” Perkins said. “We’re having Sam Hornish Jr. signing our products as well.   All of our products are at Walmart and SHOP.COM.”

“It’s definitely taken a lot of work but I’ve never thought that for someone like me under the age of 30 that we could create a product that would be in such big retail stores. But I think the whole product line, Richard Petty, Sam Hornish and the whole team has been a part of this and are awesome.”

Driver Sam Hornish is also excited to be part of the Nature Blast team. In fact, he has been in stores signing autographs and sharing the product in preparation for his Bristol run with the sponsor on the car.

“For parents, like my wife and me, Nature Blast offers great cleaning products which are safe for our children to be around,” Hornish said. “That’s important and I trust them. I’m looking forward to having them at the track in Bristol, and hopefully we can celebrate a good finish when it’s all said and done.”

So, what will Perkins feel like when the car bearing her new company’s name and logo circles the Coliseum on Sunday?

“If I could start jumping up and down right now in excitement, I would do that,” Perkins said. “I’m thrilled.”

“Our team at Nature Blast has put in so much effort day in and day out and on the weekends. It is hard work but we’re all really excited. We’re pumped and ready to be there.”

“We are fans of the sport and we love NASCAR. Nature Blast will be wrapped around the whole car and it’s amazing to be a part of something that is so amazing and such a huge part of America.”

For more information about Nature Blast, visit their website or follow them from the track on Twitter @NatureBlast.



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