The Final Word – If Buescher was using the good stuff at Michigan, Ford owes him an apology

At Michigan on Sunday, Kyle Larson punched his ticket with the first Cup win of the 24-year old driver’s career. To say he was pumped would have been an understatement as he jumped into the arms of his crew with checkered flag in hand.

The Final Word – Bristol, where good news mixed with bad, and it rained on everyone’s parade

However, Bristol did bring good tidings to some. It was great for Kevin Harvick, as he won his second of the season in a dominant performance to once again vault ahead of them all in points. While wins determine who is ahead of whom, as it should, accumulated points is an indicator as to who has been in contention all season long. Harvick has been one of those guys.

Hot 20 – If you think racing at Bristol will be tough, you should have been on Moose Mountain

Dale Earnhardt Jr. continues to sit as he waits for his concussion symptoms to run their course. Jeff Gordon gets to continue his second farewell tour, while we await Chris Buescher passing David Ragan in the standings to make his Pocono win count in the standings.

Hot 20 – Watkins Glen runs on Sunday, so let the right hand turns begin

Left, left, left, and (if not at Pocono) a final left. That is usually how it goes each week in NASCAR. This week is one of those unusual ones. Eleven turns at Watkins Glen and seven of them are right. I think these road courses provide more exciting NASCAR races than some ovals, including Indianapolis. Let the arguing begin.

Buescher’s Pocono Win Won’t Be Last

Given time, Buescher will grow as a driver, be it with FRM or RFR. Either way, he'll post more results as he matures, and he will be a Sprint Cup winner again. It's too early to gauge when he'll become an actual Cup title contender, but that day could very well come.

The Final Word – Pocono proved a great place to be, whether you be 4 or 24 years old

Well, Monday was a great day for Chris Buescher. With the fog rolling in at the Pennsylvania 400, he stayed out while others pitted to have the fuel to run the final 22 laps that never were as the race was red flagged. With impending stormy weather ensuring things would not be re-started, the 24-year old claimed his first win in his 27th Cup start.

Hot 20 – Pocono, where some things just do not matter

As the boys and girl venture to Pocono for their second visit to the venue in 56 days, there are some things that matter and some that do not. Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s recovery from his concussion issues matters, him making the Chase does not in comparison. Kevin Harvick is missing his crew chief after some lug nuts went AWOL at Indianapolis. With a win and the points lead, it does not matter.

The Final Word – Welcome to Indianapolis, welcome to Kyle’s world

It was the Brickyard 400, presented by Kyle Busch. He led the first lap, he led the last one, and led most of the laps in between. If the focal point of a race is at the front, if the drama of a race is to see who is leading the way, this competition was pretty much done when they waved the green flag.

The Final Word – Not all would agree that Monday was a great day for motor car racing

Weather forced a day delay at Pocono, and was it worth the wait? For me, it was, though I could not help but notice that it was a day too late for some who might have been in the grandstands. Soon, NASCAR will institute a dress code where fans must wear the same color as the seats in their section so everything will just blend in on television.

Will the tragedy at Pocono cause open wheel racing to abandon the open cockpit?

Last weekend at Pocono, IndyCar driver Justin Wilson lost his life when he was struck by debris from a single car accident ahead of him on the track. To say it is a tragedy is an understatement. Could conditions have been altered in order to make racing safer so that we might avoid such anguish in the future?

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