Kyle Fowler Leads Venturini Motorsports 1-2 in ARCA Wednesday Morning Speed Chart

Kyle Fowler led the speed charts following day one and after the morning session day two, Fowler was still on top of the standings.

Fowler completed 12 laps in the morning session on Wednesday with a best lap of 48.668 seconds (184.926 mph). This lap stands as the best of the two days, also.

“I’m really pleased with (Kyle) Fowler in the 15,” general manager Billy Venturini said. “That’s been a real pleasant surprise. That car has been awfully good, and was really good in the wind tunnel. It’s good to see a kid that’s never been here before run that well.”

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His teammate Hal Martin ran 15 laps to end up second on the charts with a lap of 48.697 seconds (184.816 mph).

“Wow, we have fast cars! The PME engine we’re using, that’s a lot of horses under the hood,” Martin told the ARCA Racing Network. “The car is driving really well; we’re hugging the yellow line and slamming the nose to the ground into the corners. It’s driving really fast and flat into the turns. We’re going to continue with single-car lines this afternoon. I’m looking forward to it. It’s been a really solid day so far.”

The 25-year old Louisiana native will race five races for Venturini Motorsports in 2011 – Daytona, Talladega, Chicagoland, Pocono and Michigan.

“I’m really looking forward to hitting the track again at Daytona,” Martin said. “I had a bit of a head start on the field by being able to participate in the Hoosier Tire test here in December for Venturini Motorsports – so I feel I had a good chance to get somewhat acclimated to the track with some laps logged.”

Martin has made six career ARCA Racing Series starts, including one with Venturini. He finished 10th at Talladega last season.

“We’ve got strong talent among all of our drivers, and our reputation stands behind the equipment and support we’re able to provide each and every one of them,” Tom Venturini, a team representative said. “Hal has proven his talent for our organization in the past, as well as on the Gulf Coast Late Model tracks. We’re really excited to see how he’ll perform this season. He has tremendous talent. We’re hopeful he will not only add more top-10s to that resume, but also top-fives and maybe even a trip to Victory Lane.”

Along with Martin, Venturini Motorsports will run rookies Alastair Jackson, Max Gresham, and Darren Hagen in the 2011 season.

Richard Childress Racing development driver Tim George Jr. drove 11 laps to end up third on the charts with a lap of 48.985 seconds (183.73 mph).

“That’s the car we ran at Talladega, and it was really fast at Talladega,” George said after yesterday’s test. “I was comfortable with the car right out of the box; it’s not like getting used to a new car. I’ve been running the banking for the past four days here in the Rolex Series, and we were third on the board there, so it feels good to be back on top of the board with a different tire and a different car.”

Venturini Motorsports driver Steve Arpin finished the morning fourth with a lap of 49.222 seconds (182.845 mph) while Cunningham Motorsports’ driver Dakoda Armstrong ended up fifth with a lap of 49.438 seconds (182.046 mph).

Armstrong, the 2010 ARCA Racing Series Rookie of the Year, plans to run both the February 12th Lucas Oil Slick Mist 200 at Daytona International Speedway and the April 15th Talladega ARCA 250 at Talladega Superspeedway, as according to Cunningham Motorsports. Armstrong won two races – Talladega Superspeedway and Salem Speedway – last year for them driving the No. 22.  

Scott Stenzel, Ty Dillon, Joey Licata Jr., Grant Enfinger, and Ryan Glenski rounded out the top 10 for the morning.

For Dillon, it marked his first laps ever on a Superspeedway as he looks to run his first full ARCA racing season.

“It’s awesome,” Dillon said of the experience yesterday. “It’s really exciting. You go really fast. The track’s really smooth, so it’s fairly easy to get up to speed. We have a good car and there’s still some speed to gain. We’re just going to keep working on it. I just want to learn. I’ve got to learn to make our car better, and I’ve got to learn a lot, especially in the draft. We’ll just get as many laps as we can get and hopefully keep it up.”  

Dillon’s teammate George Jr. said he looks forward to working with Dillon after having some years of ARCA experience under his belt.

“He’s been racing cars way longer than I have,” George said. “You know, he’s much younger than I am. I’m going to lean on him for some stuff and he’ll probably lean on me for some stuff on the road courses and maybe the superspeedways. There’s a lot that he’s done in his racing career that I’m looking forward to doing, including winning in the ARCA Racing Series. It’ll be good to have support between him and I, and I’m looking forward to it.”

IndyCar star Milka Duno was 16th on the speed charts today after being in the top 10 throughout the day yesterday.Other notables include six-time Daytona ARCA winner Bobby Gerhart ended the three-hour session tied for 21st, at 50.007 seconds (179.975 mph), and nine-time ARCA Racing Series champion Frank Kimmel finished 36th, at 50.733 seconds (177.399 mph).

“Well, we wanted to go out and make sure the thing runs real fast,” Kimmel said. “Unfortunately, it’s not running real fast right now. We’ve got some work to do. This is the car we tore up here last year in the race. We qualified 13th, and we expect to be there or in the top 10 by the time we’re done. We have some work to do right now.” 

Drafting testing will take place this afternoon, beginning at 1 p.m. and lasting for four hours. A maximum of six cars per pack will be allowed to test.

1 15 Kyle Fowler Chevy 48.668 184.926
2 55 Hal Martin Toyota 48.697 184.816
3 31 Tim George Chevy 48.985 183.730
4 25 Steve Arpin Toyota 49.222 182.845
5 22 Dakoda Armstrong Dodge 49.438 182.046
6 42a Scott Stenzil Ford 49.457 181.976
7 41a Ty Dillon Chevy 49.517 181.756
8 77 Joey Licata, Jr. Dodge 49.549 181.638
9 36 Grant Enfinger Dodge 49.559 181.602
10 18a Ryan Glenski Ford 49.578 181.532
11 14b John Ferrier Ford 49.621 181.375
12 66 Mark Thompson Toyota 49.679 181.163
13 10a Ed Pompa Chevy 49.686 181.138
14 63a Milka Duno Dodge 49.708 181.057
15 6 Jason Bowles Toyota 49.709 181.054
16 18c Jeremy Frankoski Ford 49.714 181.036
17 09 Benny Gordon Ford 49.743 180.930
18 16 Randy Renfrow Chevy 49.763 180.857
19 36b Brett Hudson Dodge 49.849 180.545
20 1 Chad McCumbee Ford 49.978 180.079
21 5 Bobby Gerhart Chevy 50.007 179.975
22 54 Will Vaught Chevy 50.007 179.975
23 12b Maryeve Dufault Dodge 50.021 179.924
24 5c Damon Lusk Chevy 50.054 179.806
25 75b Benny Chastain Chevy 50.065 179.766
26 5a Bobby Gerhart Chevy 50.070 179.748
27 17a Chris Buescher Ford 50.106 179.619
28 11 Bryan Silas Ford 50.139 179.501
29 14a John Graham Ford 50.145 179.480
30 68 Steve Blackburn Dodge 50.213 179.236
31 2 Kevin Swindell Toyota 50.280 178.998
32 95 Tommy Joe Martins Dodge 50.281 178.994
33 75a Hannah Baker Chevy 50.339 178.788
34 10b Rick Clifton Chevy 50.355 178.731
35 82 Sean Corr Ford 50.729 177.413
36 44 Frank Kimmel Ford 50.733 177.399
37 3 Brent Brevak Dodge 50.811 177.127
38 23 Levi Youster Chevy 50.939 176.682
39 08 James Hylton Ford 51.070 176.229
40 58 Chad Hackenbracht Chevy 51.443 174.951
41 17b Chris Buescher Ford 52.126 172.659
42 62 Drew Charleson Chevy 54.853 164.075
43 4 Brian Rose Dodge    
44 16 Brian Smith Chevy    
45 12 Jared Marks Dodge    
46 18 Tyler Speer Ford    
47 25 Hal Martin Toyota    
48 48 James Hylton Ford    
49 97 Matt Lofton Chevy    
50 12c Chase Austin Dodge    
51 16a Joey Coulter Chevy    
52 23a Jake Crum Chevy    
53 42b Joey Gase Ford    
54 42c Ryan Lynch Ford    


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