Scott Stenzel’s New Year ‘Redemption’ at Daytona International Speedway

“Sixth place in last single car session. What a difference a year can make!”  

DAYTONA BEACH, Florida (January 18, 2011) – – Redemption was the name of the game for Scott Stenzel driver of the No. 42 Yellow Stripes Making the Driver Ford Fusion. After the last single car session, on Tuesday, Stenzel posted a sixth place time of 49.457 and was the highest placing Ford. One year ago Stenzel was setup to attempt his first ARCA Racing Series start powered by Roush Yates Engines and fielded by Spraker Racing Enterprises. During qualifying for the 2010 Lucas Oil Slick Mist 200, Stenzel made light contact with the turn three wall which ruined his chances of making his first start.

Following the disappointing Daytona heartbreak, the team gathered themselves back together and was able to successfully capitalize on a seventh place finish at Talladega (Ala) Superspeedway after participating in the open test and qualifying in the 28th position for the race.

The Yellow Stripes team was optimistic coming back to Daytona International Speedway after the teams’ success at Talladega. “With this new track surface we figured we’d be at least as fast as we were at Talladega,” said Scott Stenzel. “But had no idea after that first session on Tuesday that we’d be posting a time of eighth quick.”  

During the afternoon session Spraker Racing continued to shine as the team fielded the No. 42 car for two rookie drivers to gain some valuable seat time. Joey Gase (42b) posted 23rd with a lap time of 50.048 and Ryan Lynch (42c) posted 27th with a lap time of 50.080. “It was great to give these guys some experience at high speeds. For never turning a lap at Daytona they both showed they can be competitive,” added Stenzel.  

Wrapping up day one with only a few qualifying runs didn’t give the team all the data they needed to be confident for their return in February. Jeff Spraker made the call to stay for Wednesday morning practice and it sure paid off. Spraker Racing made some significant adjustments to help get the car through the air better at these speeds, sent Stenzel back out on the track, and posted a top-three position immediately. After making further adjustments the No. 42 Ford Fusion settled in at a comfortable sixth place position at a time of 49.457 with a speed of 181.976 miles per hour.

“We fulfilled our test agenda and we are pleased with the results. In addition to helping Joey Gase and Ryan Lynch a chance to gain some valuable track time, we discovered some more speed in the car and really helped enhance Scott’s confidence and prove that we have a very competitive effort here,” said crew chief and team owner Jeff Spraker. “Between the great support from Roush Yates and Spraker Racing we are into Daytona with a great package.”  

“Now that we were able to prove we have a good piece it’s time to get out there and keep this momentum going by seeking sponsor partnerships. We have a lot of irons in the fire but any bit can help as we don’t have enough sponsorship to keep going,” Stenzel reluctantly added. “Clearly we can’t stop now as we’ve left a big mark at the test.”  

Stenzel co-owns Digi Craft Agency www.digicraftagency.comand has been using every tool and resource to help bring a more realistic return on investment for sponsorship partners. “Sponsors today are most concerned about receiving a return on investment and that’s what the Digi Craft Agency specializes in,” said John Baxter, Director of Marketing and Advertising at Digi Craft. “We build performance based campaigns that work for our clients, they can track and see their return and in-turn they earn trust and faith in what we do.” The team hopes to extend these services to sponsorship partners through out the 2011 season. 

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POS        CAR #   DRIVER                                MAKE    TIME       SPEED

1             15          Kyle Fowler                          Chevy   48.668  184.926

2             55          Hal Martin                            Toyota   48.697  184.816

3             31          Tim George                         Chevy   48.985  183.730

4             25          Steve Arpin                          Toyota   49.222  182.845

5             22          Dakoda Armstrong             Dodge   49.438  182.046

6             42          Scott Stenzel                       Ford       49.457  181.976

7             41a        Ty Dillon                               Chevy   49.517  181.756

8             77          Joey Licata, Jr.                    Dodge   49.549  181.638

9             36          Grant Enfinger                    Dodge   49.559  181.602

10          18a        Ryan Glenski                       Ford       49.578  181.532

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