How Does the NASCAR Website Secure Its Data

The official NASCAR website is one of the most popular websites as far as racing enthusiasts in the United States are concerned. In fact, it’s not only a popular website for those seeking the latest in NASCAR news but it’s also popular among shoppers looking to buy their latest fan merchandise. Because the NASCAR website is so popular and it has many customers transferring data to and from the website, it means they need to ensure security is of the highest to prevent cyber attacks from taking place. But, what does the NASCAR website and its staff do to maximize security?

Highly Trained I.T Staff

NASCAR hire top I.T professionals who have information assurance degrees (MSIA degree) to provide an extra layer of security to their official website. The amount of personal data that goes through the website is in its hundreds of thousands every year, so it’s important NASCAR has professionals by their side to secure the website even further. Such staff will be well trained in everything related to cybersecurity and they’ll know what implementations need to be made to ensure the site is as secure as possible.

Latest Updates In Coding Techniques

As far as the development of the official NASCAR website is concerned, it’s looked at on a regular basis to implement new ways of bettering coding practices. While the likes of PHP and ASP are regular languages used to secure the site, they also take advantage of C languages to ensure that programming is not only efficient but also tight on security. The site itself also has multiple contact and order forms, so it’s important SQL coding procedures are implemented to prevent SQL injection.

They Regularly Test Their Security

By taking advantage of bots and bad scripts, the NASCAR website is tested regularly in local environments. They duplicate their online presence and copy it to local environments so their customers can carry on using the site as normal, but they can test it for security as if it were online. This helps them determine what’s not secure and what they can do to secure it. If a part of the website is completely unreliable as far as security is concerned, they’ll need to take it down, as it’ll be a huge threat to the other parts of the site.

Secure Backup Solutions Play a Vital Role

As with all big websites with thousands of articles and personal data, the NASCAR website is also backed up regularly – usually multiple times per day. Backups are taken both online and offline so they always have back up points to rely on should a cyber attack ever take place. Backups are vital to big websites today because website owners know that even if there was an attack and they lost all their data, they can simply use software and other tools with the backup files they have to get it back online within minutes.

NASCAR implements many security procedures when it comes to their website – they always know they’re a target for hackers. The above methods are just some of the methods that they use to ensure their site can always be accessed but, more importantly, is always secure and prevents hacks from taking place.

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