How to Curb Racing Hazards

Racing has been an all-time favorite sport and activity among humans since the start of time. In the start, people used to have racing events like the Greek Olympics. Basically racing is all about getting in the first top positions and it is in the very nature of man to excel so sports racing came into being which allowed people to prove to others that they are number one. Then came the famous Roman and Egyptian chariot racing which was even more thrilling and dangerous in terms of hazards. Racing’s history has been as old as mankind’s history itself. As man learned to tame the wild horses, horse racing replaced all forms of racing for many millennia in which horses were the medium upon which enthusiasts raced and competed with each other to earn the title of the victor.

Car racing came into being as soon as cars were introduced into the lives of common people. It was a very common sport in the USA at the moment i.e. early 1930s. Initially, there were no set ground rules for car racing and sports based on wheels, so there were often casualties reported i.e. drivers and crowd both. There was no set standard procedure for drivers on how to control themselves while driving, the limits and the boundaries of their races. Until the invention of Formula racing at least there were no fixed rules in car racing. People used to drive on their own rules and own techniques which often resulted in casualties and injuries.  Safety measures in those times were also not very effective and science had not reached to the point where we could do anything in assistance of those drivers for their safety

In the modern age as we see today with so many modern trends in Car racing around us and where car racing is recognized is as a proper sport event still there are casualties and accidents which is very unfortunate that despite the fact that technology has advanced and science has reached its peak, we are having casualties in this sports. It is mostly credited to the driver’s mistake however we also see mistakes from the audience’s side and mistakes of the technicians responsible for maintenance of those vehicles. This trend of accidents and hazards in car racing needs to be reduced to a minimum extent because there is nothing more precious than human lives and that is what matters the most. To start with the remedies of car racing hazards we begin with Driver training.

Before starting off any race, it should be properly ensured that the driver is properly trained in the art of car racing and he qualifies all traits to be called as a good driver. He should be well aware of the limits of his own vehicle and must have confidence in himself when he Is the one behind the steering of the vehicle. Proper tests should be conducted on drivers before racing on the ground to ensure that they have gained the confidence and that level of professionalism that will allow them to race and continue on the road safely. The driver’s age and training in terms of months also matter a lot. This will not only reduce the chances of accidents and injuries but also ensure that a quality notch win is ensured for that driver’s brand/company. Dedicated funds and time be given to the driver’s training from the company’s side so that it is ensured that once on the roads the driver will drive the car with ensured professionalism and that he won’t be colliding it anywhere in the crowd.

The second most important element is crowd awareness. The crowd should be properly informed on the hazards and risks which they are in while witnessing the car racing live. Everyone should be attentive on the road and the movements of the vehicles. Half the accidents happen because the one guy in the crowd wasn’t attentive enough while the passing by car smashed into him when it got out of control. Instead of playing slots on New Slot Sites or playing online games like Clash Royale in the crowd, concentrate on the road so that in case of any emergency and accident you should be able to get yourself to safety. Always keep a safe distance from the vehicles, no doubt they look very fancy and impressive with their loud banging engines and stylish bodies but your safety is most important, while the race is going on , do not try to go near the road or the track where it is taking place. Take a good quality camera if you want pictures, don’t go near the track while the race is on to capture the moments, it might end up in your life being captured.  Always keep yourself alert and focused on the track because you are there to enjoy the race. The cell phone, slots, and these apps can wait for a later time.

The third important aspect to be covered is the technician’s responsibility. As it is said that half the race is won if the car’s technician does his job well. If the technician is expert enough to handle all the problems of the car and to keep it tuned in a good state then there are very chances that a mishap will happen. The technicians should take it as their moral responsibility to keep others safe and work delicately in the tuning and maintenance of these sports vehicles.

Racing safety is not achieved due to one element but by a mixture of all three narrated above. All three supplement each other and form a perfect combo together to keep the people, the drivers, and vehicles safe in all types of racing environments. The key point to remember is that human lives are most important when it comes to racing, not the vehicles, nothing else.

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