8 Car Maintenance Tips That Can Save You Money

Cars are incredibly complex machines but despite their durability, they also exhibit great delicateness. Aside from the inherent risks on the road and the damage that nature can do, time itself can wear away your car’s integrity. According to a recent survey, the average American spends approximately $400 every year repairing their car.

This amount can seem like a small but necessary expense, it won’t seem so trivial if you’re behind on rent or struggling to pay all the bills on time. The best way to avoid shelling out hundreds of dollars just to fix up your car is to take better care of it in the first place.

Below are eight maintenance tips that you should always keep and use if you want to keep your car in great condition without large expenses.

  1. Get Car Cleaned Regularly

Small bits of food and lint may not seem like they can wreck your car, but debris and crumbs can attract vermin. Ants can destroy your upholstery bit by bit. Larger pieces of trash can attract more virulent vermin like cockroaches and rats.

If you want to keep your car from getting eaten and soiled by such pests, you should take your car to a professional cleaner regularly. Better yet, you can take your car to professional car detailers, like Auto Armour PFF.

  1. Familiarize Yourself with Dashboard Lights

All cars, from the simplest of sedans to high-profile vehicles, have an array of complicated dashboard lights. Unfortunately, many car owners don’t see the point of learning the meaning behind these lights to their detriment.

When you buy your car, make sure to flip open the driver’s manual and familiarize yourself with the meaning behind them. They can tell you if your car is in danger of overheating, loss of fluid, and other conditions.

  1. Change Fluids Frequently

Your car is like a living being and it requires plenty of fluid nourishment. Aside from gasoline, your car needs brake fluid, engine coolant, engine oil and radiator fluid, and many more. Always make sure that your car gets plenty of all of these fluids as they are vital to your car’s well-being. Check their levels regularly and clean out their valves and pipes to prevent blockages.

  1. Mind the Weather

The weather outside can be frightful and even more terrifying, it can affect your car’s integrity. Driving your car through flood after flood, can soak its undercarriage and lead to rusting. Driving on snowy roads can deteriorate your hubcaps and wheel axles through exposure to road salts. Intense summer sunshine can bake your engine and make it overheat. Always gauge if the weather outside is worth endangering your car.

  1. Rotate Tires

The tires of your car bear all the machine’s weight. If you don’t rotate your tires, all the weight remains on a particular tire. This can bend their rims and decrease their lifespan. Switch up the positions of your car’s tires by swapping them. For example, switch the positions of the left and right front tires with their equivalents in the rear.

  1. Drive Responsibly

Aggressive driving can be the most dangerous thing you can do not only to your vehicle but to yourself. Your best-case scenario is that your aggressive driving ends with your car with a few minor dings and scratches. However, a truly bad accident can completely wipe out your vehicle which will cost many thousands of dollars. Always drive carefully and obey traffic laws to prevent your car from getting damaged.

  1. Park Under Cover

The environment contains many things that can damage your vehicle. Intense temperatures can wreak havoc on the engine and internal mechanisms. Animals can scratch the exterior or crawl their way into the vehicle. Street parking is unacceptable over long periods for these reasons. Don’t leave your car parked out in the open if you can. Always look for cover when parking your car.

  1. Don’t Leave it Undriven

On the other hand, you may find yourself driving your car less and less for one reason or another. This can lead to your car remaining unused for weeks. This can destroy your car as surely as ramming it into a wall. If you must leave your car parked for long periods, occasionally start the engines and take it for a short drive to keep the engine and battery in good condition.

Cars are huge investments, and they are essential for getting to your job on time or safely transporting your loved ones. Taking the best care of it through sensible maintenance won’t just save you money, it will also make your whole life much easier.

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  1. My sister would like to have her car maintained since its engine is already failing, which is why she has decided to start looking for an auto repair service. Thank you for sharing the importance of changing its oil regularly too so leaks will be avoided. We’ll keep in mind to detect any abnormal signs as well.


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