June 20, 2011

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*Feedback Continues to Roll in One Week after Historic Event*

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*WATKINS GLEN, NY *– Local and global reaction to the Mobil 1 Car Swap at Watkins Glen International on June 14 continues long after the sound of Lewis Hamilton’s team Vodafone McLaren Mercedes has faded away and Tony Stewart’s No. 14 Office Depot/Mobil 1 Chevrolet Impala wrapped up its first trip through the famed section known as The Boot. The overwhelming response has indicated that the Mobil 1 Car Swap at The Glen was an event that will last in the minds of the participants and spectators forever.

From the moment the event was announced, the anticipation and excitement about seeing two of the best drivers in the world take a spin in the other’s car set mainstream and social media on fire. Race fans have flocked to the Finger Lakes Region of Upstate New York since the first race through the streets of Watkins Glen in 1948 and have made Watkins Glen International a name known worldwide. The remarks surrounding the Mobil 1 Car Swap at The Glen are just the latest example of the passion race fans have for WGI that make them the best fans in motorsports. From calling for the return of F1 to The Glen and wondering whether NASCAR will ever really run The Boot, the post-swap atmosphere has been almost as fun as the day itself.

The best way to fully understand the significance of the swap is to get it directly from the people that were there to witness history. The following comments were collected during the event, through the official WGI Facebook page, on Twitter at @WGI or emailed to

“The track is absolutely fantastic. It feels like a real classic. It just feels historic when you’re driving around. They don’t make tracks like that nowadays. When they build new Formula One circuits, they don’t build them like this.”

*Lewis Hamilton, 2008 Formula 1 World Champion*

“It was fun. That is truly an experience of a lifetime. I just can’t thank the people at Mobil 1 enough for helping facilitate this, everybody at Watkins Glen. I’m glad I didn’t know what these cars were like 20 years ago because I may not have put a fender on a racecar after that. I’m glad I had the experience and thankful to Lewis and his entire team for letting us do it.”

*Tony Stewart, two-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Series and five-time Glen Champion *

“I really enjoyed the opportunity to learn the track, even driving around in a normal road car it got my attention. It was slippery out there, two different track surfaces. I think this is a track that if you have a lot of laps here, you could be a real specialist.”

*David Coulthard, veteran Formula 1 driver and BBC commentator*

“I knew it would end too fast. It’s that proverbial event that happens and you sit there and say, ‘I don’t want it to end, I don’t want it to end.’ It was just amazing for these two to come out here and do what they did. Of course the biggest win today was for the fans, and that’s what it was meant to be.”

*Michael Printup, president of Watkins Glen International*

“Thanks so much, friends at WGI, for hosting the Mobil 1 Car Swap today. Both drivers were absolutely brilliant. I don’t think I will ever forget the way the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes sounded around the track.”

*Seth Chaffee, WGI fan*

“Thank you so much for bringing F1 to Central New York (and giving me an excuse to take a much needed day off of work).”

*Michael Rock, WGI fan*

“We just wanted to let you know we attended the Mobil 1 Car Swap. It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience. It was thrilling to see and hear a F1 car go around the track. We arrived early and stayed until the bitter end despite dismal weather. It was well worth it.”

*Doug & Kathy, WGI fan*

“I call it a success. It was emotional see that F1 car at Watkins Glen International.”

*Todd Dailey, WGI fan*

“Especially love the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes MP4-23! Wow!”

*Mark Watkins, WGI fan*

“Thank you so much for making the Mobil 1 F1 and NASCAR Car Swap a reality!! Traveled from D.C. to The Glen, just for this event because I wanted to see a Formula 1 car back on the race track. The roar of the engines all across the track sent shivers down my spine. I’ll remember the event for the rest of my life and I’m so happy you made it happen.”

*John, WGI fan*

“So nice to see and hear an F1 car on the track again. Wish I had been there in person, but the SPEED coverage was great!”

*Bruce, WGI fan*

“Loved the program last night, those guys really seemed to dig the opportunity to drive alternative type of cars. It was so cool to see and hear an F1 back at The Glen!!”

*Doug, WGI fan*

“I loved it!!!!!!! We were there!!!!! We froze, but we loved it!!!!”

*Lee Ann, WGI fan*

“Yesterday was awesome, please bring F1 back to The Glen and please make NASCAR races run The Boot. Please!”

*Garrett, WGI fan*

“Look how many people showed up for just two cars? That should tell them something. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they bring F1 back and 24-hour races.”

*Tesha Lewis-Chandler, WGI fan*

“F1 back at The Glen would bring generations of fans back to The Glen in a heartbeat. How about it Bernie? Bring F1 back to The Glen!”

*James McDougal, WGI fan*

“The drivers had more fun than anybody!”

*Elaine Sumner, WGI fan*

“Lewis Hamilton would fit perfectly in NASCAR the way he drives. Very aggressive! He wouldn’t get penalized every time he bumps someone”

*Steve Saquella, WGI fan*

“It was awesome! Love it… thanks WGI”

*Paul Trunzo, WGI fan*

“Fantastic day, many thanks to all involved”

*Tony Smidowicz, WGI fan*

“WGI – Thank you for the Car Swap. Bring back F1 to The Glen.”

*John “Mig” Migliaccio, WGI fan*

“Hey, after seeing a stock car take The Boot today, maybe you need to talk to NASCAR into running that version instead. Hint. Hint. Great seeing a F1 car around The Glen too!”

*Bruce Reynolds, WGI fan*

Tickets for the 2011 race season at Watkins Glen International are on sale NOW! Fans can order their tickets or get more information by calling the WGI ticket office at 866-461-RACE (7223) or logging on to the official website, ** Gift certificates and track merchandise can all be purchased at The Shop located at 2 North Franklin Street in downtown Watkins Glen. The Shop is open Monday-Friday 9-5, Saturday 9-4, and closed on Sunday. Keep up with the latest happenings at The Glen by going to the official Watkins Glen International Facebook page,, and following WGI on Twitter, @WGI.

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