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McColl Racing Enterprises Opens Up Shop, Unveils New Plans for 2013

Credit: Ashley McCubbin
Credit: Ashley McCubbin

On December 15th, McColl Racing Enterprises opened the doors to it’s 11,450 square foot shop to drivers, teams and fans to come in and check out. Drivers and fans alike were able to enter the shop and tour it from one end to another, while enjoying some food and games. The result was over 300 people showing up for the event.

M.R.E has been building chassis for over 30 years, winning multiple races in both Late Models and the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series. The move was made in April to the new shop and was meant to be able to expand the operation out more.

The Open House allowed M.R.E to showcase three new plans for the 2013 race season.

For starters, they will begin distributing U.S. Legends Cars and Parts, including a rental program. For $500, a helmet and a firesuit, you can get behind the wheel of one of the Legends at Grand Bend Speedway for a night.  The series is a spec series in that all the cars are identical, with the exception of three styles of car available in seven body styles. The idea to promote exciting side-by-side racing while keeping costs low.

Secondly, for the first time in the company’s history, they have built an OSCAAR Super Late Model chassis with the announcement being made that 2011 Sunset Speedway Kevin Cornelius would be behind the wheel. Cornelius makes the move up to the OSCAAR ranks in 2013 after success in the Late Model division at Sunset Speedway.

“Really excited about the 2013 race season,” the Orangeville, Ontario native said. “I would have to go back to 1996 when I was in my first race at Sauble Speedway to compare the excitement. Really looking forward to racing in what I consider to be one of the top series in Ontario with the toughest competition with guys like Glenn and Brandon Waston , George Wilson , Derek Tiemersma, Rob Clarke, Rob Poole and the list goes on.
“I think OSCAAR is on the verge of getting real big and that Dave (Gainforth) and the group are heading in the right direction.”
Lastly, they have built a metric chassis for the Super Stock/Thunder Car guys to run in their division as a result of the 1970/1980 chassis becoming harder and harder to find.
“We have taken great care in keeping the OEM mounting points the same as the original,” M.R.E has posted on it’s website. “In this OEM configuration the advantage is that the racer has the knowledge that this is a straight, new, never used chassis and that all of his existing metric parts will bolt on.”
The idea is you can run this chassis with either a newer or older body style, while keeping within the series rules.
With last year including multiple championships and race wins for drivers running M.R.E chassis, 2013 promises to build on that success with a prediction of many more wins to come.
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