Kyle Busch Monstrously Proud of Truck Team Win; Performance of the Kids

Kyle Busch had every reason to be monstrously proud of the NASCAR Camping World Truck team that bears his name. Busch scored the victory and his two teammates, ‘kids’ Darrell Wallace Jr. and Joey Coulter, finished top-ten in the 14th annual Lucas Oil 200 at the Monster Mile.

This was Busch’s second victory and third top-10 finish of the season. It was also his 32nd career win in the Camping World Truck Series.

“It was really good for us,” the driver of the No. 51 ToyotaCare Toyota for Kyle Busch Motorsports said. “We had a good truck from unloading.”

“We made some changes to it in practice and it certainly helped us,” Busch continued. “The track was a lot looser than we expected it to go.”

“So, we had to make a lot of adjustments to it throughout the race,” Busch said. “Dirty air was a contest for everybody.”

“We were all trying to fight for the front and fight for the bottom,” Busch continued. “There at the end, I found something positive by running up the race track where I could actually make a move.”

“I’m glad I found that,” Busch said. “All in all, a really strong effort for everyone who works at Kyle Busch Motorsports.”

Busch also took great pride in his teammates’ performances, or the ‘kids’ as he calls them. Joey Coulter, behind the wheel of the No. 18 Darrell Gwynn Foundation Toyota, finished eighth and Darrell Wallace, Jr., behind the wheel of the No. 54 Camping World/Good Sam Toyota, not only sat on the pole and led laps but also scored a top ten finish.

“I was proud of the kids running up front there for awhile,” Busch said. “I wish that they too could have ended up a little better.”

“There’s something to be said for the way Darrell ran today and Joey as well, especially for what he had to come through from starting in the back.”

Kyle Busch Motorsports General Manager Rick Ren agreed with the boss’s assessment. He attributed his winning ways, along with the team’s success, to all of the people involved with KBM.

“You can kind of get used to running up front but you have to pinch yourself and realize that the reality is that it’s not that simple,” Ren said. “We surround ourselves with good people and we have great drivers at the track.”

“I’m really proud of the fact that all three of our vehicles finished in the top ten,” Ren continued. “I think Darrell led the most laps today and sat on the pole.”

“And Joey Coulter came from way back and was clear up to fifth before getting shuffled on that last restart,” Ren said. “So, it’s hats off to everyone at KBM for the effort they put in.”

Busch admitted that he has been on a bit of a winning streak lately in both the Camping World Truck Series, as well as the Nationwide Series. In fact, in his last nine starts, he has won seven, with a winning percentage of 77%.

“Well I don’t know what happened in those other ones,” Busch said with a laugh. “Probably something I did screwed that up.”

“It certainly is a wow factor,” Busch said on a more serious note. “There are a lot of things that can happen in races that can take you out.”

“These trucks were a handful and we were holding on every corner, every lap,” Busch said. “I was holding my breath.”

“It’s fun to win,” Busch continued. “People will say it’s too easy and we’re cherry picking or whatever.”

“But you know what, this is a sport that we’re all welcome to participate in and that’s why we’re here.”

Busch also reminded the media and himself that while he has been on a winning streak, he also has had his share of late-race losses, as well as some just plain bad luck.

“I had a hood pin come out while leading late in the race,” Busch said. “There was a blown tire race.”

“We had a fuel pick up issue with the new fuel probe,” Busch continued. “And then I had a fitting break on a transmission here and it started leaking and we had to come to pit road.”

“If something is going to fall out of the sky and hit my car, it will,” Busch said. “Oh wait, that happened.”

Busch also admitted that he has learned plenty from being in the car through Nationwide and Cup practice, as well as Truck qualifying and the race.

“I’ve learned that it’s going to be hot and it’s going to be slick,” Busch said. “There will be a lot of slipping and sliding for sure.”

“We’ll just try to get everything as comfortable as possible running around here,” Busch continued. “The biggest thing I’ve learned is all the adjustments you have to make during the race.”

While Busch is hoping for a race weekend sweep, saying that he is after all “a finely trained athletic machine”, he acknowledged that it will be tough to do at the Monster Mile, especially given the conditions on the track.

“Seriously, it’s hot,” Busch said. “I’m not saying that’s an excuse but it will weigh on you a little bit.”

“It did at the Truck race and as much as I’ve been in the car,” Busch continued. “We have to work on getting fluids in, which I’ve done.”

“And then Sunday, it’s 400 miles here which is a long time,” Busch said. “I remember I ran here a few years ago when it was really hot and you were dead when you got out of the car.”

“It puts a lot on you.”

There is, however, one major motivator in the Monster Mile sweep for Busch, in spite of him “being the only one dumb enough to try,” in his own words.

“Anything can happen at Dover,” Busch said. “It’s the start of my wife Samantha’s birthday weekend so we’re starting the celebration.”

One thing that Kyle Busch is not concerned about at the Monster Mile, as well as at many other tracks, is that he is getting as much seat time as humanly possible. So, when will he stop racing all of these Series and races?

“When I’m dead,” Busch replied simply. “It’s fun to go out and race as much as I race.”

“That’s what keeps me sane,” Busch continued. “I’d rather be out there than running up and down pit road or sitting up on a pit box.”

“I know that it certainly helps Rick (Ren) stay sane when I’m behind the wheel and not running around on pit road,” Busch said. “As long as it’s fun and we’re doing alright and we can keep sponsors on our trucks, we will be doing it.”

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