Lap by Lap: won by Kyle Busch

Kyle Busch would pass Brad Keselowski with 23 laps to go to pick up his fourth win this season in his eight Camping World Truck Series start of the year.


Lap 1 Burton pulls ahead as Paludo and Lofton battle for second

Lap 2 Burton leads Lofton

Lap 4 Paludo will be blackflagged for dropping out of line on the initial start

Lap 8 Burton leads Crafton Lofton Ty Dillon KyBusch ADillon

Lap 10 Burton leads TyDillon Crafton ADilon KyBusch Keselowski Lofton Gaughan Coulter Buescher

Lap 11 Austin Dillon passes Crafton in turn one……KyBusch and Keselowski also pass Crafton

Caution lap 13 Bryan Silas spins for the first caution. Paludo gets the lucky dog. Ty Dillon stays ou with Jeb Burton, Brendan Gaughan and Joey Coulter. Everybody else pitted.

Restart Dillon to the lead, Burton on the outside in turn three. Burton passes Dillon. Lap 20 of 150

Lap 21 Burton leads TyDillon Keselowski Gaughan Crafton Coulter KyBusch Blaney.

Lap 22 Blaney passes both Coulter and KyBusch. KyBusch passes Coulter

Lap 25 Burton leads TyDillon Keselowski Gaughan Crafton Blaney KyBusch Wallace ADillon Buescher

Lap 26 Keselowski takes second from Ty Dillon

Lap 34 Keselowski and Burton side-by-side off of turn four for the lead

Lap 35 Burton holds Keselowski off through turns one and two

Lap 36 Burton leads Keselowski TyDillon Blaney Busch Gaughan ADillon Wallace Buescher Crafton

Lap 40 Busch passes Blaney for fourth

Lap 43 Keselowski to the lead

Lap 48 Coulter runs out of fuel as the caution flies for Jennifer Jo Cobb blowing up and Jennings getting into the wall. Leaders head down pit road. Keselowski leads Busch TyDillon Gaughan. Burton had issues on pit road as the jack wouldn’t drop. He will restart sixth.

Restart lap 53 Busch grabs the lead ahead of Keselowski

Lap 54 Keselowski to the inside of Busch for the lead

Lap 58 Keselowski gets loose on the inside of Busch and slips up, allowing Busch to grab the lead

Lap 61 Blaney grabs the lead from Busch as Buescher looks for second by Busch.

Lap 63 Blaney leads as Buescher grabs second from Busch. Darrell Wallace Jr. heads down pit road for an unscheduled pit stop. He thought he had a tire going down.

Lap 64 Busch looks to get back by Buescher for second, grabbing it as they head into turn three

Lap 65 Blaney leads KyBusch Buescher TyDillon Keselowski Burton ADillon Gaughan Hornaday Peters

Lap 68 Slight contact between KyBusch and Blaney as they battle for the lead

Caution lap 69 Mike Harmon goes up and smoke. Busch and Keselowski stay out while others pit to grab some fuel and tires. a mix of strategy on pit road.

Restart lap 73 as Busch and Keselowski are side-by-side for the lead. Busch grabs the lead in turn three ahead of Keselowski and Gaughan.

Caution lap 75 Scott Riggs has a tire go kaboom

Restart lap 82

Lap 83 Busch grabs the lead ahead of Keselowski

Lap 84 Keselowski and Busch are side-by-side once again for the lead

Lap 85 Keselowski grabs the lead as Blaney looks for second by Busch

Lap 87 Keselowski leads Blaney Busch Buescher ADillon TyDillon Gaughan Paludo Townley Hornaday

Lap 97 Keselowski leads Busch Blaney Buescher TyDillon Gaughan ADillon

Caution lap 100 Timothy Peters makes hard contact with the wall. Keselowski leads Busch.

Busch leads Keselowski TyDillon Buescher and Blaney off pit road.

Restart 43 to go Busch and Keselowski side-by-side for the lead

42 to go Keselowski pulls ahead as Busch and Blaney side-by-side. Blaney gets loose, almost gets into Buescher as they battled for third

40 to go Keselowski leads Busch and Blaney

39 to go Blaney and Busch battle for second

32 to go Busch runs down Keselowski. Busch gets under Keselowski and then gets loose, falling back into the clutches of Blaney. Gaughan is up to fourth.

30 to go Keselowski leads KyBusch Blaney Gaughan Crafton TyDillon Townley Buescher ADillon Burton

28 to go Keselowski and Busch side-by-side for the lead. Keselowski clears him off of turn two

26 to go Blaney and Busch are side-by-side for second ahead of Keselowski. Busch keeps himself ahead of Blaney

23 to go Busch to the lead by Keselowski

20 to go Busch leads Keselowski Blaney Gaughan Crafton

14 to go Gaughan makes an unscheduled pit stop

8 to go Gaughan back down pit road for being too fast entering. Overheating was the problem for the firs stop.

7 to go Busch leads Keselowski Blaney Crafton TyDillon Townley ADillon Buescher Burton Sauter

Kyle Busch wins! Keselowski second followed by Blaney Crafton TyDillon Townley ADillon Buescher Burton Sauter

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