The Final Word – Wide open fan vote to make Josh an all-star was not all that Wise

Vote early, vote often, or so it seems when it comes to selecting the driver the fans want to see. I am talking about the driver more individual fans want to see than anyone else get a free pass to Saturday night’s feature race. If that is not good enough, how about selecting the one who can get more people to vote for him, hundreds or thousands of times each. Such great fans these voters, most of whom are all about voting but know zip about NASCAR. Many would not know the difference between Lee Petty, Leroy Van Dyke, or the Dutchman with the paint brush. Josh Wise got in the Sprint All-Star race, and at least managed to still be running at the end. His sponsor, Dogecoin, got all sorts of publicity, and Danica Patrick, Kyle Larson, and Austin Dillon got screwed.

Jamie McMurray is not the winningest driver who has ever come down the pike, but he wins those that matter. Not only has he won such name events as the Daytona 500, the Brickyard 400, and now the Sprint All-Star race, all of his wins have come on tracks that matter. All seven points race victories, as well as the million dollar exhibition win last Saturday night, came either at Daytona, Charlotte, Indianapolis, or Talladega. You know, tracks that attract spectators, be they in the stands or watching from home. His wins have value…probably worth at least a gazillion Dogecoins.

Sam Hornish Jr won the Nationwide race over the weekend. How sweet it was to see a junior circuit contest featuring not a single Cup guy. What I do not get is how Hornish, a three time IndyCar champion with 19 victories, has not done better driving these sedans. No wins in 131 Cup starts leaves him in Danica country, but she got the sponsor, the fans, and all he has is three Nationwide victories and a Sprint Showdown win in 2009. I’m guessing he needs longer hair.

Next weekend is truly the big one in motorsports. Kurt Busch will not be attempting the triple, thus he will not be running in Sunday’s Monaco Grand Prix. He will leave that to Lewis Hamilton, who will be seeking his fifth consecutive win of the season. As for Busch, he will be starting 12th in the 98th Indianapolis 500, then winging it to Charlotte for the 65th World 600.

As we return to racing for wins and points and a place in the Chase, Joey Logano and Kevin Harvick lead the parade with two wins each, but a spot is open to any of more than thirty drivers who can take the checkered flag in Charlotte. Even Josh Wise can do it…but I wouldn’t bet a whole lot of Dogecoins on it.

1 Joey Logano 2 wins,  346 pts
2 Kevin Harvick 2 wins,  302
3 Jeff Gordon 1 win,  394
4 Kyle Busch 1 win, 373
5 Dale Earnhardt, Jr. 1 win,  368
6 Carl Edwards 1 win, 367
7 Brad Keselowski 1 win, 326
8 Denny Hamlin 1 win, 318
9 Kurt Busch 1 win, 211
10 Matt Kenseth 379 pts
11 Jimmie Johnson  340
12 Ryan Newman  332
13 Greg Biffle  328
14 Brian Vickers  327
15 Kyle Larson  318
16 Austin Dillon  306
17 Kasey Kahne  294 pts
18 A.J. Allmendinger  293
19 Paul Menard  292
20 Marcos Ambrose  288
21 Clint Bowyer  282
22 Aric Almirola  278
23 Tony Stewart  268
24 Casey Mears  262
25 Jamie McMurray  246
26 Ricky Stenhouse, Jr.  240
27 Martin Truex, Jr.  232
28 Danica Patrick  213
29 Justin Allgaier  198
30 Michael Annett  163
31 David Gilliland  159 pts
32 Cole Whitt  147
33 Reed Sorenson  143
34 Alex Bowman  141
35 David Ragan  137
36 Josh Wise  130


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Ron Thornton
A former radio and television broadcaster, newspaper columnist, Little League baseball coach, Ron Thornton has been following NASCAR on this site since 2004. While his focus may have changed over recent years, he continues to make periodic appearances only when he has something to say. That makes him a rather unique journalist.

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  1. Wise won, Danica lost, get over it. I’m sure that next year, in order to keep people of your ilk happy, NASCAR will create a special rule that only drivers with the first name Danica and the last name of Patrick are automatically entered into the All Star Race along with drivers who actually won races.

  2. Wow…..Sour grapes because “Danica didn’t win”…….If fans and media like Ron are wanted in this sport…Nascar is doomed…….

    • I love to hear from mindless twits…but obviously I am not talking about Scott. A lot of fans love Danica and the other two names I mentioned were rookies having great seasons. Rather than select a driver most fans want to see, you support having a nobody few could care less about just because a band of non-fans can enter his name thousands of times. Hell, if giving the fans want they want is no big deal, just let me make the choice on my own. Makes about as much sense as what you seem to be supporting.

  3. What a stupid article, Josh Wise rules, give the guy a break.
    No wonder your nascar attences are falling with this kind of “journalism”
    If you don’t like the result of the vote, then tuff shit.
    Dogecar = racegod.

    • Nothing against Josh Wise, but exactly what in hell does he rule? He got into the race, did nothing there just as he did nothing in the Showdown. Big deal. However, I do love the anagram.

  4. The more I read your first paragraph, the angrier I get. It is bad enough to have another girl pix on this page.
    You absolutely insult the intelligence of everyone who voted for Wise, or others also as far as that goes. Your comment “managed to still be running at the end” leaves a lot to be desired. Squirrely Busch and “throw a water bottle” Logano didn’t. Allmendinger crashed. What does that make them? The girl “managed” to finish also. So here is my insult to her. Just a lousy bit of writing.

    • I insulted the intelligence of everyone who voted for Wise? I hope so. What is next…you or I voted in?

      Maybe I am being hasty here.

  5. Hey, what’s the matter with a little guy getting a break? Are you against the team trying to survive? So they figured out a way to get some publicity and make a few bucks. All the girl has to do is step out in public in a green uniform and (never mind). If only she could drive. Too bad nobody else had that much gumption to do what they did. I hope Dogecoin does well from this.
    The only people the commentators interview is the ones at the top. Sorry, but nobody got screwed.


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