Footballers with some fast Cars – Ronaldo & Messi not included

With Exotic cars being the latest trend for every footballer in Europe, We will be looking at some European players with their exotic cars as they drive to the training. To give some extra information on this topic we teamed up with the editors of


First on the list will be former Manchester City and Liverpool striker Mario Balotelli, who currently plays for Ligue 1 club, riding Ferrari 458 Spider which costs him $260,000. Balotelli career might have been a good one but the Italian star is quite known for his taste in sport cars having bought some in his past years of football.

The car is reported to be reaching 200 miles per hour.


It’s no surprise Manchester United record signing on the list following his then-world record signing worth £89million. Pogba is on the sports car list recently purchasing a new Rolls Royce wraith which costs the French midfielder £250,000.

Paul Pogba career has sky rocketed since his move to the Old Trafford, having won the Europa League in his first season also representing his country in Russia to win the World Cup 2018.


Next on the list is Manchester City all time club goal scorer Sergio Aguero. He drives a Lamborghini Aventador which costs £262,000, the car is said to be capping a speed of about 217 miles per hour.

The Argentina forward heavy wages at the Etihad Stadium makes the car more affordable for Aguero.


Chelsea most valuable at Stamford Bridge Eden Hazard is also sure on the list. Living the luxurious life with his Aston Martin Vanquish which could have cost him £344,000 and caps a speed of 201 miles per hour accelerating from 0-100km/h in 3.5 seconds.

Hazard has already been a key figure for Chelsea this season under new manager Maurizio Sarri and this could be his best season yet. According to many premier league predictions this might be the best season of Eden Hazard in his career.


We all know the list is not complete without including Europe most expensive player, who plys his trade with Paris Saint-Germain having completed a world record move from Barcelona.

Neymar proudly owns Maserati MC12, which only has 50units released to the world, and costs £1,147,000.

There are plenty where those come from as Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are also in possession of the most exotic cars a footballer could have.

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