4 Tips for Speedway Racing Newbies

While being a speedway racer may seem like a faraway dream for many of us, there are many ways in which you can make speedway racing an attainable career, allowing you to race, travel and use your knowledge of racing to turn your dream hobby into your dream career.

Getting Experience

Firstly, there are many courses and clubs that you can join to refine your expertise and practice your skills, whether you are a newbie or a complete beginner. Whether you want to be dashing around a frozen lake or want a more structured form of learning, schools will help you to transform your driving skills to racing skills, preparing you for the industry and its professional standards. These can then lead you to professional driving clubs which will connect you with the greats, giving you the experiences and connections necessary for a career in racing.

Finding a Mentor

If clubs are not your type of thing, find a mentor to help you achieve your potential. While you may not be aiming for the stats of the professionals, getting advice from someone who is already in the business will allow you to learn from the best, getting the tips and tricks of the field before you are even in it. This will enable you to get insider information that you might not have realized or thought about before you even get to the track. This will also help you grow as a racer as access to one-on-one advice will help you to improve your skills on an individual basis.

Learning from the Best

Watch as many races as possible, whether this be live or on YouTube. This will help you to realize what you like and dislike, enabling you to decide what your individual style will be. Watching the races of someone you admire and copying their tricks can be a great basis to start you off in the business. Not only this, but going to events will enable you to network with other potential racers, learning off them, and will even allow you to meet with industry professionals who can advise you on the next step for you.

Attracting a sponsor

If you’re new to speedway racing, one of the most important things you can do to advance your brand and audience is to gain a sponsor. Doing this can be difficult, and while emailing potential sponsors can be off-putting, one way to attract the attention of sponsors is to make your car stand out. Although you might not want to paint the car you have just invested in haphazardly, a car wrap can be a great solution. Companies such as www.rockwallsignsandwraps.com provide vehicle wrapping services which will allow you to print graphics and logos on to your car. If you are looking to make your car stand out to sponsors, investing in making your car individual with bright patterns and prints can help to attract the attention of potential investors.

Becoming a speedway professional may seem like a far-off dream, but by following basic rules and gaining expertise, you may soon find these dreams turned into a career.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of SpeedwayMedia.com.

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