How to Combine Driving & Work

There are a host of different ways you can combine your love for driving with your need to make money. From chauffeuring people around to taxiing pets to and from the vets, there’s a whole world of opportunity out if you want to make a living out of being a driver.

To see what professions you can try out in your quest to be a career driver, read on.

Start a pet taxiing service

Not all pet owners own cars — how do they get their pets to the vets, then? The answer is, they do so with great struggle (which may or may not involve taking their poorly puppy on the bus). You can alleviate this struggle for all the non-driving pet owners out there, however, by starting your very own pet taxiing service. Not only would this mean you’d get to drive for a living and not only would you be your very own boss, but you’d also be doing something really nice and really helpful.

Become a school bus or coach driver

If driving at certain, focused times of the day sounds appealing to you, then why not become a school bus or coach driver? Doing so would see you only have to work in the mornings (as you take the kids to school), and in the late afternoons (when you pick them up again). What’s more, you’d only have to work in term time, so this is just about as easy a driving job as there is.

Of course, this kind of job isn’t all plain sailing. There’s still the matter of learning how to drive a bigger vehicle, as well as learning how to control kids.

Be a taxi driver

Being a taxi driver is the best way to combine a love for the open road with the need to make a stable and steady living. As a cabbie, you’d be able to go all over town, every single day, meaning no two days would be the same. Well, it would beat sitting in an office all day, wouldn’t it?

To be a taxi driver — a successful one, at that — you have to devote your whole professional life to it. This means resting up properly in between shifts, and this also means taking the matter of insurance incredibly seriously. You should take out the right insurances to ensure that both you and your vehicle remain covered against danger — you can find such cover at Acorn Insurance.

Deliver… anything

The rise of e-commerce stores and the ability to order anything via phone has meant that, today, there are more opportunities in the delivery sector than there ever has been before. If you think you’ve got what it takes to get a package, be it a pizza, a product, or even a newspaper, from A to B without damage, then this could be the side hustle, or even the full-time job, that you’re looking for.

If your dream is to combine driving and work, then make sure to take the professions listed above into consideration.

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