What’s The Best Motorcycle Alarm System?

Any experienced rider knows that when it comes to motorcycle theft, it’s only a matter of time until it’s going to happen. Unfortunately, many riders are going to learn the hard way that using a motorcycle alarm system isn’t optional. Should someone steal your motorcycle, a motorcycle tracker, for instance, is going to worth paying for.

Many alarm systems bring you peace of mind. Each of them has their ups and downs, and you need to scroll down for the details on some of the most common types out there.

Level 1- Brake Disk Lock+ Alarm

The most natural type of alarm system, this one doesn’t require any installation whatsoever. It’s just a clamp-on brake disc lock that features an alarm siren.

Some don’t think of it as a motorcycle alarm system, but it does work as one. Despite its simplicity, it’s a fantastic security upgrade for a motorcycle.

The best part about it is that it doesn’t allow the wheel to rotate anymore. Many motorcycles get stolen away only by pushing them bit by bit. This type of alarm system works even better than a chain lock, eliminating the weight and the space problem as well.

Unlike the regular wheel locks, this one doesn’t let you forget to remove it. It may sound incredible, but many did manage to ruin front forks or the brakes when trying to ride off with a disc lock.

If you’re looking for a standalone alarm, this one may be it. Here’s what to remember:

  • Installation difficulty- 0/5
  • Protection- 2/5
  • Cost- $50 to $100.

Level 2- Simple Alarm

This type of alarm system is the primary type of operations and requires minimal installation. You need two wires for installing it. You may wire it straight to the battery terminals so that you don’t mess with the motorcycle’s wiring. 

Some models also include a third wire (ACC). Its only role is to inform the alarm system that the motorcycle is turned on. You may skip this one.

You may run a basic install of a reliable alarm. Get a better model that comes with more functions (and wires), without hooking up all the extra cables. You want the signal to work. Most of the time, riders do it by mistake as they buy a full-fledged alarm system but have no idea about how to install it. You can very well use the other features later in the future.

If your motorcycle is expensive, this type of alarm system isn’t your best option.

Here are the main takeaways:

  • Installation difficulty : 2.5/5
  • Protection: 1.5/5
  • Price- $10-$30

Level 3- GPS Tracker Alarm

For many riders, this type of alarm system is by far the most versatile choice. Affordable and dependable, they come with all kinds of features and have a compact design.

It’s almost incredible that you can find GPS systems for $900, but you may pay $20-$50 for this type of alarm system.

The variety of models is impressive, and so are the features to find. Some come with “sleep mode” which lets the unit get in a low battery consumption mode if the vehicle is parked/not moving. We all know that GPS trackers present a high battery drain so you’d better get a model with this type of feature.

The alarm system is waterproof which isn’t that common for the motorcycle alarm systems. Here are some other benefits:

  • You may track the motorcycle remotely
  • You can use the phone as a remote
  • You may get alerts on your phone when your bike is touched/disturbed
  • You can also check the state of the motorcycle from anywhere, using an app
  • It’s easy to install (compared to other systems).
  • You only need power, ACC and ground for installing it. It has no connection for the turn signal lights.

You also need to get a working and prepaid SIM card (it’s $3-$ five a month), but that’s not going to empty anyone’s wallet. Some models also come with a microphone so that you listen to anyone near your bike.

Briefly put, here’s the description:

  • Installation difficulty: 4/5
  • Protection 3.5/5
  • Price: $30-$50 and $5 monthly for the Cell Service

Level 4- GPS Tracker Alarm+Remote Engine Stop+Decoy Alarm

This type of system is a reliable system to get for your motorcycle. It’s a decoy-equipped GPS tracker alarm that may remote engine disconnect. However, this system is not as complicated as it sounds. Nevertheless, you need to be a dedicated DIYer for installing it.

Many would instead go with a GPS tracker and alarm in just one unit. There’s only one unit to break and one unit to drain the battery.

Needless to say, it’s not the best thing to have just one unit as a GPS tracker and alarm. When an alarm siren sounds on your motorcycle, the thief may rip it out. Even if he/she doesn’t know that your bike also has a GPS tracker, he/she still going to try to remove and destroy the alarm.

To eliminate this sort of problem, you should try the decoy solution. When you’re not installing a dummy alarm, you’re relying on the thief not to bother looking for the GPS/alarm tracker. Simply hoping isn’t going to help you much in case of stealing.

The highest level of security is going to involve a remote engine kill switch as well. It means that no one is going to be able to ride the bike, even if the thief steals the key. You may kill the engine.

Here’s  what we highlight about this type of alarm system:

  • Installation difficulty: 4/5
  • Protection 4/5
  • Price: $40+ $5 monthly for cell service.

What’s the best of them?

Finding the motorcycle alarm that fits your needs and budget shouldn’t be that difficult. Should find yourself sitting on the fence, go to DrverZone to find out what are their recommendations. And while you’re there, check their suggestions in terms of clothing& footwear, tools and equipment and everything else you may need for your motorcycle or car. It’s incredible how many things you can find for your bike so don’t skip them next time you’re shopping online.





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