3 Ways to Increase Workplace Safety Interactively

Accidents happen in the workplace on a daily basis, and sadly a large number of them are fully avoidable. Sometimes workers can move a little too quickly and eagerly, unaware of the danger they put themselves and others in by not thinking first. In other instances, employees may not know exactly how to use certain pieces of safety equipment because they either weren’t tested properly or only watched a couple of mandatory informational videos when they were first hired on. Studies show that interactive learning is the best way to get people to retain data. Next up are three ways that you can reduce the likelihood of a workplace accident by teaching your staff how to be safer interactively.

Don’t Be Afraid to Put Your Staff in the Hot Seat

For the most part, companies follow a pretty similar formula when it comes to meeting workplace safety protocols. Staff will be ushered to a quiet room where they watch a video on a large screen that teaches them about OSHA safety laws, what to do in an emergency, and how to keep themselves safe while at work. You can use standard safety training materials and have workers sign off on worksheets that prove you did your best to explain workplace safety protocols. Something else that you can do as an employer that might be even more effective is putting some of your staff in the proverbial hot seat. You might want to have managers periodically pause workplace safety videos and call on your workers to see if they have been paying attention. Of course, being open to putting yourself in the hot seat can also help workers be more interactive.

Have Your Workers Demonstrate Their Knowledge

So, there is a big difference between knowing something and then actually being able to apply that knowledge in reality. Take putting on a safety harness properly, for example. All of the straps and buckles have to be tightened so that your torso is snugly held inside of the harness without being too tight. Watching videos and reading manuals can help you to learn how to put on a harness, but you really need more physical practice than anything else. To ensure that your workers are safe and know how to use this type of equipment, have them actually demonstrate their knowledge. This can be a wonderful way to get your employees to learn interactively and cooperatively.

Show That You Know How to Stay Safe Yourself

Being the type of company owner that is hands-on can really help to boost morale when you own a business. Don’t be afraid to put on your hard hat, steel toed boots, and go outside of your office. Making the rounds, observing staff as they work, and taking the time to talk to them will not only encourage people to be more open, it can help to improve workplace safety. Leading by example is a top way to get more staff engaged in conversation and perhaps to show your workforce that safety is important more than you can tell them.

By being serious about workplace safety, you can keep your work crew more aware, thus making them less prone to serious injury. You will see that fewer people go on disability, and also that productivity improves. Do more than showing your staff a handful of videos on workplace safety if you want them to be knowledgeable.

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