Tips, hints, and tricks to being a better driver

WHO launched the Global status report on road safety in 2018, according to which every year about 1.35 million people lose their lives in road tragedies. The alarming situation is becoming even worse with time. The main reason for these accidents is the minor mistakes, which most of the drivers make while driving.

If you are trying or planning to learn driving, you can easily find a driving school near your area, or you can also book your online driving lessons from EZlicence. These driving lessons are not only for beginners but also for experienced drivers to make their driving more smooth.

No matter you are a beginner or a well-skilled driver, this article is a must to read. Since, it will tell you “the tips, hints, and tricks to being a better driver”.

  • Driving lessons

There are many things in this world, which cannot be self-taught and driving is on top of the list. Cars are expensive, and if you lose control of them, they can become a threat to life. Before driving on their own, everyone needs proper guidance and training.

You can get your driving lesson by a family member, friend or through a driving school. In my opinion, it is better to choose professional instructors because they will not only teach you driving but will also explain the traffic rules and regulations, which will help you prepare for your drivers license test.

  • Be confident

Many people suffer from driving phobia and anxiety, which makes them under pressure and nervous while driving a car. In the initial days of driving, it is very important to build up your confidence.

Confidence comes with practice. In the initial days, do not go for long drives rather drive nearby your residential area. When you are regularly driving, you will notice an improvement in your driving skills. You can listen to the music or can chew gums to cope up with your anxiety.

  • Know your destination

When you are driving, it is very important to know where you are going and what the exact route towards your destination is. We all have witnessed poor drivers who do not know the exact locations, and they end up roaming in the streets. To save yourself from such misery, get directions from the Google maps as this will save you time.

You can find out the quickest and smoothest route towards your destination so that you can drive better. Leave a few minutes earlier, if you are in an emergency or you have to reach somewhere on time.

  • Car maintenance

If you want to improve your driving skills, then car maintenance is essential. As if every other machinery cars also require timely maintenance, therefore in every few months you should take your car to a mechanic shop. Properly maintaining your car will save you from roadside broken car incident and you do not have to wait for help.

If you know your car better, you can drive more confidently. For an emergency, you should know some basics things like fixing tyre puncture.

  • Check fuel

One of the distractions while driving a car is the low fuel indication, this becomes troublesome when you are in a hurry, and you do not have time to wait in the fuel line. To save yourself from this stress always get your car’s fuel tank filled before time.

  • Stay calm

Human nature is the perfect blend of happiness, sorrow, anger, kindness and many other moods. While driving many people to become aggressive due to arguments, stress or even by the honking car at the back. This anger can lead to deadly accidents.

While driving do not talk much and even if the car at your back is honking, stay calm and do not react instantaneously, first, you should know the situation then you give any reaction. If someone is irresponsible, you cannot do the same.  

Always try to keep yourself calm and focused because your single mistake can cost your life and the safety of other people also. A tremendous reduction in noise pollution can occur if everyone stays calm and follow traffic rules and regulations. 

  • Proper sleep

Our brain has the most advanced signaling mechanism; the signal from the brain reaches our body within microseconds. These signals slow down during drowsiness. Therefore, it is very important to stay awake and alert while driving a car.

When you are driving for a longer time, sleep deprivation becomes a major issue. In research, approximately 20% of car accidents occur due to lack of sleep. So, next time whenever you plan a long journey by road, make sure you add plenty of stops in between, where you can relax and get some sleep.

  • Avoid distractions

Once you are on the driving seat, it is your responsibility to stay alert and keep an eye on the road. There are numerous distractions, which can affect your driving like stress, anxiety, adjusting the mirrors and air condition, changing music, and eating or drinking anything. It only requires a moment to meet an accident. In the current scenario, where roads are jam-packed, you cannot afford such distractions.

  • Know the safety features of your car

Cars have many safety features like seatbelts, airbags, antilock braking systems, bumpers, four-wheel steering, and mirror. We all have heard about these things, but most of the people are not familiar with the functioning of these safety features. Make sure you should know about them and their usage.

  • Do not use a cellphone

In the current era, it is a fact that cell phone is one of the biggest distraction, or we can say the addiction of people. Although people know they will get a ticket by using a cellphone, still they use it. A good driving practice includes keeping your cell phone on flight mode.

  • Vision test

There may be many people like me, who hate wearing spectacles, but eyesight issues can cause a problem in getting a clear view of the roads. If you do not like spectacles, you should wear contact lenses. If you are observing eyesight issues for a few days, you should visit a doctor and get it fixed.

  • Avoid drink and drive habit

According to a research article, drug and alcohol is the second biggest reason for car accidents. It is illegal, but when you get high, you lose control over yourself. Therefore, if you are planning to drink, no matter what do not drive.


All the above tips can improve your driving skills and ensures your safety as well. Remember, a good driver is one who can face all the challenges with patience and intelligence.

Driving a car is a huge responsibility when we say safety comes first; it is not only about your safety. When you take out your car on the road, you should think about the safety of the people sitting with you, people on the sidewalk, and people traveling in other cars. Remember your small mistake can cause a life so always drive safe.

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