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Why Are UTVs Called Side-By-Sides?

Gone are the days when vehicles are only used as a means of transportation. As the lifestyles of people change through the years, their demand for versatile and powerful vehicles also differ. For people who want to engage in blood-pumping outdoor activities, UTVs can be a great option. This vehicle is one of the toughest today.

If you’re thinking about investing in a vehicle that can meet your lifestyle as an adventure-seeker, check out a UTV. This vehicle is powerful enough for you to show off your skills in off-roading and still remain safe as you’re riding it.

UTV 101: What Are These Vehicles?

UTVs or Utility Task Vehicles contain powerful machines, allowing drivers to easily maneuver the vehicle in challenging terrains and harsh weather conditions. Originally, UTVs were used to accomplish tasks on farms and haul heavy equipment. This vehicle now comes in different varieties and can be used in races and competitions.

Some people would call UTVs side-by-sides. You might ask, why are UTVs called side-by-sides? This is because it has two seats placed side by side. Some UTV models come with additional back seats or a single seat up front, but technically, these are still side-by-sides.

The arrangement of the seats maximizes the available space inside the vehicle, making it easy for the driver to navigate the vehicle in different terrains. Passengers, on the other hand, enjoy spacious legroom with this kind of arrangement.

Aside from the arrangement of the seats, UTVs are gaining popularity because of these unique features:

  • Uses an off-road design to make it easy for drivers to swerve easily through steep and rocky terrains
  • Equipped with a non-straddle seat and belt to ensure driver safety and comfort even when driving in uneven surfaces
  • Comes with a roll cage structure to encase drivers in the vehicle and provide grip to passengers

Although UTVs differ in size and performance, it still contains several safety features like other types of vehicles. You can also customize your UTV to showcase your style better and fit your intended use.

What Are The Most Common Misconceptions About UTVs?

Aside from the confusion about its name, a lot of people still have a lot of misconceptions about UTVs. Still believing these mistaken notions are the reasons why several people in the world will never consider buying a UTV, regardless of how interested they may be in spending time outdoors.

If you’re still having second thoughts about buying side-by-sides, spend time identifying which of the information you know about UTVs is fact or fiction. For you to decide whether to buy a UTV or not, it’s best if you stop believing these misconceptions about the vehicle:

1.         UTVs Are Only For The Rich

Just like other cars, UTVs are expensive investments. Buying one can significantly affect your finances, especially if you’re planning to take out loans. UTVs are costly, but this doesn’t mean that the vehicle is out of reach for the average person.

The misconception about UTVs being extra expensive likely stems from the price of UTVs available in the market today. Some of the most popular UTVs cost at least $25,000.

But if you take your time to search for options, you can actually buy high-quality and high-performing UTVs that cost less. Some of these affordable brands can even provide you with more features than their expensive counterparts.

And with the availability of special financing options, your dream of buying a UTV can finally become a reality!

2.         UTVs Are Not Meant For Families

One of the biggest misconceptions people have with UTVs is that this vehicle isn’t meant for family use. Since this vehicle is often associated with off-roading and other extreme activities outdoors, a lot of people think that children should never ride a UTV.

As mentioned, UTVs are versatile, which means that you can always use this in other ways aside from engaging in extreme outdoor sports. In fact, UTVs are great for encouraging your family to get out of the house and becoming physically active outdoors.

If you’re looking for ways to bond with your family, driving a UTV is one of the best ways to go. The entire family can use this vehicle to traverse through mountains and enjoy new sceneries outdoors.

If you’re buying this vehicle solely for family use, look for models that come with a premium bench seat that can accommodate six adults. As for the safety, scout for UTVs that have restraint belts to ensure that the entire family stays safe as you hit the trails.

3.         UTVs Are Generic

You’ll never run out of options when you choose to buy a UTV. Today, you can buy a UTV that’s meant for work, fun, or both. You can even commission professionals to enhance the appearance and functions of your vehicle.

If you’re eyeing to modify your UTV, make sure to extend your budget. If you truly want to improve how your vehicle looks and works, you should be willing to invest in high-quality materials.

4.         UTVs Require Years Of Training And Driving Experience

UTVs can easily traverse through extreme terrains where conventional vehicles can’t. Driving a UTV will make it very easy for you to pass through muddy terrains and even drive through snow. You’ll be unsuccessful when you drive an SUV or sedan in these road and weather conditions.

UTVs are powerful vehicles, but this doesn’t mean that you have to go through rigorous training or have years of experience as a driver before you can effectively maneuver the vehicle. 

When transitioning from an SUV to a UTV, expect to make little changes with your driving. You’ll have to learn the basics of how to operate the UTV and what strategies are necessary when driving in specific road and weather conditions. Learning these is easy, especially if you’re already a driver.

What Are The Factors To Consider When Buying A UTV?

By this time, you might already be convinced about how beneficial a UTV is. But with the number of models available today, do you know which one to buy? Are you even aware of the factors to consider when buying?

To ensure that you’ll end up with the best side-by-side, look into the following factors before buying:

1.         Determine Your Intended Use

You can use UTVs in different ways, either for work or recreation. For you to narrow down your options when buying a UTV, determine what you will use the vehicle for.

Are you going to use your UTV in your farm to mow? Or will you only use it during weekends to have some fun outdoors? You should provide answers to these questions before heading out and buying a UTV.

2.         Come Up With A Budget

UTVs are costly, which is why you should come up with a budget for the purchase. Buying this vehicle without checking your current financial status can usually lead to debt and a lot of financial stress.

Since you already know the purpose of your UTV, do some research online and look for models that can provide your needs. The price range of these vehicles will give you a better idea of how much you should budget for your UTV.

If you have a shoestring budget, consider applying for loans. Several banks and credit unions now offer special financing options for individuals who want to own a UTV. You can also inquire from the UTV dealership if they offer any in-house financing options.

Aside from applying for loans, you can also look into buying used UTVs. These vehicles are way cheaper than brand-new models, and if you’re meticulous enough in inspecting, you can even end up with a used UTV that has a better value than brand-new ones.

3.         Don’t Forget To Test Drive

Regardless of how appealing or cheap a UTV might be, you should never say “yes” to a deal immediately unless you’ve test driven the vehicle you want to buy. Different drivers will look for different things in a UTV, and test driving a vehicle is a great way for you to know if the model you want to buy can meet your expectations.

Test driving a UTV before buying also allows you to assess whether the specific model is apt for your skill level as a driver. Going for a spin with a UTV can also ensure that you’ll walk away from the dealership feeling satisfied with your purchase.

Think Long-Term

Now that you already have a background on UTVs and how these vehicles work, it’ll be easy for you to assess whether buying one is a smart investment for you. This information will also help you choose the right model if in case you do decide to buy a UTV.

But for you to make the most out of your investment, it’s very important that you perform regular maintenance checks on your UTV. Being a vehicle owner is a long-term commitment, so you should be ready to change your schedule to accommodate your car’s regular maintenance routine.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of


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