In the year 2020, people are leaning more towards a life full of excitement and lively adventures. They want to experiment with their lives and live like a boss. One way to have an extravagant life and live your dreams is through getting a luxurious sports car. Yes, people live for sports cars that have a mesmerizing appeal to them. These vehicles are not only attractive, but they might cost you an arm and a leg. Well, if someone is passionate about driving a sports car, they will make that happen at any cost. For them, price is not the real barrier, but the decision of buying the best sports car out there. 

Sports cars remind everyone of their extraordinary features and outclass quality. These cars are not for everybody, but only for the ones who are true car lovers. A middle-class man cannot afford a sports car, but if they are passionate about it, then they might ride in one. It all comes down to the personal interests of people and how much they would love to get a single ride in a sports car. 

Even if people cannot afford a sports car, they have full rights to know which one is trending the most. There are numerous sports car available in the transport industry, but only a few of them live up to expectations. You can spot such mind-blowing sports car on the magazine covers or in a ‘Fast and Furious’ ad, like Trojanwws. No matter where they are displayed, you will surely learn about the best sports cars within no time. 

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Down below is a list of the best sports car to buy in 2020. This list will be beneficial for all the sports cars loves out there who want to stay updated 24/7. Without further ado, let’s check out the best sports cars you should be investing in 2020. 

Chevrolet Corvette (2020):

Chevrolet has leveled-up its sports cars game. In 2020, it will be introducing a mid-engine beautiful Corvette, which is a piece of amazing news. Until now, not much has been revealed, by the company, but it will have better-quality aerodynamics. With the cost going up to around $70K, this new car will be the company’s first new-generation model for the customers. 

BMW i8 Roadster (2020):

Another addition to the best sports cars’ list will be of the BMW i8 Roadster that will be a new attraction for riders. This aesthetic sports car will have some new features, as BMW mainly focused on making it super futuristic. According to the company, this car will set a new benchmark in the history of the sports car with better performance and durability. 

Tesla Roadster (2020):

Tesla is all set to introduce the brand new Roadster in 2020. This sports car will be featuring advance electric power, with acceleration reaching up to 60 mph within roughly 1.9 seconds. Tesla Roadster will change the game of electric cars, with a speed range of 620 miles on just a single electric charge. 

Porsche Cayman GT4 2020:

Sports cars enthusiasts already know about this magnificent Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 which will be a new hit in 2020. This racing model of Porsche Cayman will be equipped, with six 4.0 liter cylinder, similar to the one in 911 GT3. The sleek appearance of this sports car will encourage many to buy it as soon as it launches.

Bugatti Divo:

Bugatti will be launching the Divo, which will be a hit according to the sales record of 2019’s launch of Divo. Just in a day of its opening, this car has already sold out which shows how impatient people are to purchase it. Bugatti Divo is all about luxury and comfort with the estimated cost of $5.8 million. From reaching up to 62 mph in only 2.4 seconds, Divo has made its place in the hyper cars market. 

Maserati GranTurismo (2020):

A new GranTurismo is expected to be released, in 2020 with high-tech features and advanced engine. With full re-designing of the car, Maserati GranTurismo will take over other sports car’s spot. Consumers have been anticipating a huge deal out of this sports car, as it is in production for quite some time now. The latest 2020 edition is still under process, and people are hoping for the best at its launch. 

Nissan GT-R 2020:

 This car is going to be the 50th Anniversary edition of the Nissan’s growing family in 2020. With its first debut made in 2019, this car was shown terrific love by the car lovers. The 2020’s edition will have a luxurious touch and feel to it, with twin-turbocharged V-6 3.8-liter capacity and 565 horsepower. 

All of these sports car will be the talk of the town in 2020, with car lovers’ getting everything they ever wanted. These cars have come a long way and they are going to be the perfect sports cars to buy in 2020. 

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