How Using a Cherry Picker Can Improve Project Efficiency

As the name implies, cherry pickers were originally intended to do nothing more than pick cherries. However, these machines have gained a lot of traction over the years and are now used for many other purposes besides harvesting crops.

The cherry picker includes an elevated aerial platform that allows you to work on areas that are otherwise almost possible to reach. They are a great alternative to scaffolding, offering an efficient method of accessing difficult to reach areas at altitude.

Cherry pickers can be used in such widely different tasks as window cleaning and roof fixing. They can also be perfect for aerial shots for a film or TV production. With so many varied uses for businesses, the cherry picker is not only a great investment for electricians and builders, but also business owners and project managers. Here are some ways where cherry pickers can streamline projects and increase efficiency.


When you use a ladder, you’re forced to stop and adjust it on multiple occasions. A cherry picker, on the other hand, includes a hydraulic lifting system that saves you time and enables you to access several floors of the building. Some cherry pickers even have wheels and can be relocated once the platform has reached the desired height.

Building maintenance

A tall building that either needs painting or cleaning can benefit from a cherry picker, given the task of working at height and sometimes at an awkward angle. While you could use a ladder, a cherry picker offers safety, security, and mobility when moving to a different part of the building while stretching, reaching, or handling maintenance equipment.

Inside and outside

When working inside, the key issue is ventilation. You should probably go for an electric machine rather than a diesel powdered one, as it won’t give off the fumes.

While working inside, check the measurements of the smallest space the machine will need to fit through. You’ll also want to think about the turning radius and make allowances for any space you may need to turn the machinery in.

When working outside, you’ll need to think about the ground surface. A slope, for example, will affect your choice of equipment. So check the specifications of any machine you’re considering in terms of the gradient it’s capable of. Another thing to consider is groundwater, as you may need to choose a machine with outriggers in order to spread the load, which many models include.

Wrap up

A cherry picker is a great way to help you with a number of different jobs. They come with a vast number of features that you won’t find in other less efficient and less effective equipment. A ladder might be sufficient for small jobs, but if you need to access high-up places or you’re working in a large building, a cherry picker is the most efficient solution to help you complete the job within a given timeframe. The most cost-effective solution is to buy a used cherry picker such as Cumberland platforms. That way, you will always be able to access those hard-to-reach places whenever your project demands it without having to make a substantial investment.

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