Tips for Improving Volkswagen Reliability and Performance

Did you know that Volkswagen sold almost 11 million cars in 2018? When people buy Volkswagens, they know that they are buying well-engineered vehicles. These cars will stand the test of time and maintain a high resale price.

Volkswagen’s reliability is legendary. However, if you are a VW owner, did you know that there are simple maintenance tasks you can do to improve the longevity and performance of new vw cars? Why not take a minute to read our in-depth guide to VW maintenance below.

How Long Do Volkswagen Cars Last?

Let’s start with some good news. Volkswagen generally advises that their cars will last approximately 100,000 miles. VW has actually increased its engineering quality in the last ten years. It is expected that newer VW models will last longer than those more than ten years old.

However, like all vehicles, this depends on the care that you take of the vehicle and its engine. How can you get the longest life out of your VW? Here are some tips.

Keep the Engine Clean

We cannot overstate this issue. Dirt in the engine is more than an aesthetic issue. It involves dust and dirt getting into internal parts and doing damage. 

Clean your engine regularly and be sure to remove any spillages that occur when you are working on your engine. 

Handle Repairs Immediately

Correcting small problems will prevent larger problems from occurring. This should be your motto when caring for your VW. It is not difficult to obtain even high-performance VW Parts. Therefore you should be able to replace faulty parts quickly and prevent further problems.

Listen to Your Car

Communication is the lifeblood of any relationship. This is true of your relationship with your car. When your engine is running, take the time to listen to it and spot any sounds that could indicate changes or problems.

Change Oil Regularly

Changing the oil according to the recommended timetable will save you time and money in the long term. Old oil will transport dirt around the engine and create a strain on the engine. Change your oil and keep the levels appropriately high to get the best out of your engine.

Keep a Maintenance Calendar

Speaking of timetables, it is important to know what maintenance needs to be done at what frequency. By maintaining a calendar of these events, you can ensure that you will not miss any vital steps. 

Volkswagen Reliability Features and Much More

So there you have it, Volkswagen reliability is legendary. But there are some simple ways to make your VW more trustworthy and fun. Your investment will continue to repay you as you enjoy more horsepower and great reliability

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