Why Ceramic Based Tints Are the Best for Your Car

When choosing to protect you and your family with window tints for your car, the best one we recommend is to use a ceramic-based film as it has the best benefits in comparison to all other tinting alternatives. Alternate tints that are dyed or metalized are quite outdated, they have been notoriously known for disrupting radio and GPS signals due to the metalized content and dyed windows tend to fade over time. The bare minimum we always consider, are carbon or ceramic-based tints. But even so, the ceramic will always perform better than carbon despite offering the same or similar features, yet at a more enhanced rate. Also note, ceramic tints are not to be confused with ceramic coating. Ceramic coating is when you apply a coating on the exterior of the window for protection, whereas a ceramic-based tint is with it infused inside the actual film itself, which is then installed in the car interior. For the ultimate protection, many do consider combining the two together.



The first benefit of getting a car window tint is that it blocks up to 99 percent of UV rays that may enter your car. It not only protects you and your family but also the insides of your car from wear and tear eg. Faded plastics, dashboard, leather seats, and so on. The tint also allows 50 percent of sunlight to enter the car, keeping better visibility that also helps keep your eyes be safe from sunlight. One of the main features that separate it apart from Carbon is its high effectiveness in block Infrared IR radiation at a much better rate.

Heat Regulation

Due to the car windows being tinted, the heat that would usually build-up is also lowered. As the UV rays are blocked, this means that your car is much cooler on the inside than it would be is there were not tints. This means it can retain the coolness of the car interior during scorching Summer periods. Compared to every other alternative, ceramic tints are the best when it comes to limiting the amount of heat transfer known as TSER (Total Solar Energy Rejection), which rates the highest.


One of the benefits of having ceramic-based car window tints is that privacy is protected. This protects anything that you leave behind as no one can peek inside and potentially break the windows to steal any valuables. It also protects you and others while driving or doing other things as well. Ceramic tints also at times can be slightly thicker, which can give off a darker appearance. In addition to this, due to this nanotechnology, it boasts an anti-fade finish unlike old-fashioned window-dyed tints, which fade over time. Meaning your privacy is kept secure and dark for much longer.


The advantage that ceramic car window tinting has over the metallic one is that your radio signals are not interrupted. Metallic window tints mess up any signals coming in or out of the car due to its composition. This can also disrupt your GPS signals, which we all know can be very annoying whilst driving.


Having a ceramic window tint can be beneficial to the glass as it adds extra protection to your car. The extra layer of coating makes the glass more durable and harder to break as opposed to a regular one, which proves that it is durable in extreme weather scenarios like hail that would damage it. Therefore, many ceramic tints offer excellent shatterproof resistance, which can be a huge safety benefit during car crashes and collisions by minimizing the number of glass shards.


Price-The only notable disadvantage over having a ceramic window tinting is the price, which is higher than most types. Due to its many advantages, the high price seems justified at this point as the coating does what it is intended, protect you from UV radiation and your car from the elements. If you want the best protection for your car, then a ceramic window tilt should be the one you are aiming for and you must be prepared to sacrifice a little bit more money for it.

Another disadvantage of ceramic coating is that it can be difficult to apply successfully. Without professional application, the coating may damage your car or leave an undesired aesthetic result. That’s why most motorists choose to visit a body shop or detailer. The process can take several days, which is why these businesses usually use paint curing methods to speed up the process.


Despite being highly-priced, having a ceramic window tint is the best thing you can do to protect your windshield. Not only does it extend its life but it also protects you from potential radiation-related illnesses such as skin cancer, so it is worth spending a lot of money just to get one. The tint also makes your car look cooler than before as this is also an advantage you would want as well.

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