A Beginner’s Guide to Betting On NASCAR

Betting on NASCAR isn’t complicated. However, you shouldn’t attempt to place any bets until you are certain about what you are betting on. You need to be as familiar as possible with both NASCAR and betting before you begin.

You can bet on the most common option, which is to bet on the race winner.  But there are several other options such as betting on the future, prop, matchup, top-3, top-5, top-10, and qualifying that will allow you to enjoy a great gambling experience from the comfort of your own home.  You can also extend your online experience at Usrealmoneycasinos and try slots, tables, or even poker.

Here’s what you need to know before you get started.

Race Winner

The simplest type of bet you can make on a NASCAR race is a simple bet on who the winner will be. This is the most common and well-known form of NASCAR bet, and it is the equivalent of choosing the winning team when betting on other sports.

While this type of bet tends to lead to the highest payouts, it is also the most difficult bet to win on. With around 40 drivers competing in each NASCAR race, choosing the winner is difficult even if you are familiar with the vital statistics.

Top Place Finishes

You don’t have to pick the specific winner to be able to bet on NASCAR races. You can also bet on whether a driver will finish within the top X number of racers. For example, you could wager that one or more drivers will feature in the top three or top five places.

The main benefit of this type of wager is that you have more chance of winning than you do when trying to predict the overall race winner. You do not need to precisely predict where a racer will finish to make a top place finish bet.

Driver Matchups

Driver matchup bets allow you to make a wager as to how the different racers will perform relative to one another. These bets are irrespective of anything else that happened during the race. The only thing that matters is how the racers you have matched up end up performing against one another.

Just as you can find websites online offering NFL Computer Picks for gamblers betting on NFL games, similar services are showing NASCAR matchups and how drivers are expected to perform against one another. These are invaluable resources for anyone betting on NASCAR races.

Prop Bets

A prop bet is a bet on a specific scenario occurring during the race. You aren’t required to pick a winner, or even make a judgment as to how racers perform relative to one another. You can place a prop bet on virtually anything occurring, within reason. Prop bets add an additional layer of excitement to NASCAR races.

Future Bets

Futures bets are generally considered a form of prop bet because they are based on future accomplishments and occurrences. Common examples of futures bets include bets on a racer finishing the season with the most wins or points.

For fans of NASCAR, betting on races adds additional excitement and also makes the whole experience more interactive. If you don’t have any experience betting on sports before, it is worth taking the time to research what’s involved. You should also be familiar with NASCAR and NASCAR drivers before you consider putting down any wagers. Once you are ready to start betting, the guide above will help you work out what you should bet on.

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