5 Situations Where You May Need To Call A Tow Truck

When you need to call for a towing service, it typically means that you need to get a vehicle removed from a location. You may be out on the road, or a vehicle may have become a nuisance. A towing service can help you get a vehicle moving. But how will you know if you need to call for towing assistance? You may find yourself in the following scenarios below.  

  1. Running Out Of Gas  

While unavoidable, running out of gas happens out of forgetfulness when life is too hectic. Others do not check out of carelessness. It is also dangerous when your vehicle suddenly stops in the middle of the desert, and the nearest gas station is miles away. Call for towing services in Las Vegas and ask them to bring fuel for your car. They will be able to tell if your car also has other concerns that may need looking into. 

  1. Vehicular Accidents  

Calling a tow service is a must when your vehicle collided with another or if you hit a pole, tree, or structure. The damage may be obvious on the outside, but there can be more inside the engine. Most services will be able to tell what needs to be done. If you have enough car insurance, it will be able to cover the cost. It is also safer to call for a tow truck than to continue driving the vehicle yourself. You might regret it when you encounter more problems on the road later.  

  1. Flat Tires 

Tires can run out of air from low pressure or when a foreign object can damage the surface. Some drivers know how to fix a flat tire. Others also use tires labeled as run-flat, which means they can still run a certain distance at a slowed speed even while punctured. That allows you to reach the nearest garage. But what if you do not have that luxury? Your car may have also stopped in a place you think is unsafe. Stay inside your car for safety, and call for towing service right away.  

  1. Dead Battery 

Your car may stop in the middle of the road due to a dead battery. A car battery runs out of power due to the following: poor maintenance, using car lights and air conditioning when the car isn’t running, and when the air temperature is low, among others. Tow truck drivers may be able to jumpstart the car batteries for you, and it may not need towing. If the problem persists, the tow truck will pull or haul it away to a garage.  

  1. Abandoned Vehicle Or Wrong Parking 

Towing services not only cater to stranded vehicles. If you’re a business owner and left a car in your parking space, you can try to find the owner. Sometimes, drivers will abandon stolen vehicles, or people use parking spaces even when they’re not customers. If, after all the effort exerted to find the owner, you can check the registration and have it towed away. 

You may also have an old car stored in a garage damaged beyond repair. Call for a tow truck to bring it to a junkyard. Junkyards will pay for junk cars as scrap metal. You may have to pay for the towing service, but you’ll get a fraction of that fee back by selling it instead.  


Calling for a tow truck service ensures your safety on the road. They act as the lifeline when your vehicle suddenly breaks down due to various reasons. They also help take you to safety when your car breaks down in unfamiliar territory. Totaled cars also need to be hauled away when you’re involved in an accident. As a driver, you must also have the best tow truck companies’ contact details wherever you’re heading. It’s best to know who to call when you encounter such situations. 

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of SpeedwayMedia.com


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