Why Mitsubishi Pajero Is Just the Right Car for You

The Mitsubishi Group is founded in 1870. Today that more than a century and a half old conglomerate’s products can be found in every corner of the world. It’s a versatile company covering a huge specter of industries – from mining and shipbuilding to steel and aviation, from electronics and construction to financial service and automotive.

It is clear how big the company is. Yet, to the majority of people, their first association when the name Mitsubishi is brought up is Pajero. Or Montero or Shogun, depending on the part of the globe they live in. No other product of the company comes nowhere near the Pajero in terms of popularity and recognition across the globe. Why is that?

The First and Second Generation of Pajero

An explosion of the popularity of the SUVs in recent decades happened if not solely due to the Pajero’s reputation and iconic status then it at least played a big part in that. The Pajero has four generations and the launch of the first in the 1970s is a birth of an icon. In the spirit of an era, it was a car, although beautifully designed that focused on its off-road performances.

With the second generation, the company kept the same approach. Those first two generations established Pajero’s worldwide reputation as one of, if not the best off-road vehicle. And there is more than plenty of evidence for that. In the 1984 Paris-Dakar rally Pajero was in overall class the third winner that covered more than 11,000 km. In later years it will prove its dominance with multiple first, second, and third podium finishes.

The Third Generation Pajero 

The third generation is arguably the first SUV in existence. It kept the off-road performances of its predecessors, but integrated design features and everything needed for the smooth on-road drive. Thus, the modern SUV was born. Proof of keeping its heritage alive and well come again from the world’s biggest and most prominent stage for off-road vehicles, the Paris-Dakar rally. The introduction of the third-generation Pajero will dominate the period of 2001 to 2005 on a level never seen before or since. 

Third-generation Pajero had improvements in the form of fully independent suspension and monocoque chassis which brought him five consecutive first-place finishes. In the same period, 12 out of 15 podium finishes were reserved for Pajero. To this day it holds records in the car class. In total overall victories with 12, and stage wins with 150. And that is by a wide margin because the second-best has half of that.

Pajero brought the Mitsubishi title from the Guinness World Records for most Paris-Dakar rally wins by a manufacturer. 

The Fourth Generation Pajero

When it came to designing the fourth-generation Pajero, Mitsubishi was in a position that the name sold itself. Many car manufacturers fell into that trap. But, happily, they chose the other route. In hindsight, knowing that it is the last generation, that the production of one of the most iconic cars in the world stopped a couple of years ago, we’re grateful that they did.

Going into the process of producing the last generation of its most legendary car, the company has done what it had to do. They reached the peak in know-how for the production of off-road vehicles. All they had to do is to apply that knowledge and focus on maximizing its on-road and visual appeal and maximizing its comfort. They’ve done their job well enough. So…

Should You Buy Mitsubishi Pajero?

Our answer would be, yes, you should definitely buy one. Just make sure the price is right. If you’re looking for a Mitsubishi Pajero for sale in UAE, we recommend contacting only reliable and well-established businesses like Carzaty. Of course, the decision is all up to you…

Here are a few things to consider… 

  1. The design keeps on the heritage

Both in design and performance, it is worthy of its predecessors. When compared to its competitors it doesn’t have those sleek lines. But that straight edges are part of its iconic look and that is how it should look. It has a unique, iconic look that is one of the biggest parts of its appeal.

  1. Even by today’s standards interior looks fresh

It’s meeting today’s expectations. There’s a touchscreen in the middle that has both blue-tooth connectivity and GPS. Multi voyage and car-related data are shown on the multi-information display. Temperature control is automatic, leather and carbon fiber details. Simply put, its age can’t be seen in its interior.

  1. On and off-road performances

Its performances depend on the type you choose. The V6 engine comes in both diesel and petrol variants, from 2.4 to 3.6 liters. Transmission can be 4-speed and 5-speed automatic, or 5-speed manual. And it isn’t economic. Depending on what you’re searching for, there are enough options to meet your needs. In any case, it is fun to drive.

  1. Feeling that it gives 

Maybe its performances can’t compare to newer modes of different manufacturers. But this car well deserved its legendary, iconic status. Knowing that you’re behind the wheel of such a legend will provide you with a sense of pride. And its look is still capable to bring respect and admiration.

The Bottom Line

It is simply one of the most recognizable cars on the planet. With a legendary look and iconic status well deserved. For every true car lover, that doesn’t like today’s cars, which are packed with enough technology to drive themselves. For ones that enjoy hearing the roar of the V6, 3 liters machine. Ones that pleasures themselves steering this beast of a car off-road, and gliding in it on-road. This is the car for you.

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