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Do Casino Brands Collaborate with Streamers?

The long arms of technology are fast extending into every sector, activity, and business. Land-based casino gambling has migrated to online sites making them very accessible. More so, there are now numerous sites competing for the attention of their customers. To further organize the system, streamers came into the picture.

From 2015, casino streamers started to creep into the industry. However, they were not very popular until 2019. Like streamers in other sectors, casino streamers make videos of themselves while playing online casino games.

Casino Streamers

Firstly, Casino streamers are gamblers. These individuals make live videos of themselves while playing and share them with other people interested in watching. People watching casino streams do not play the games. They only observe the streamer either for entertainment, to learn the gameplay or both. 

Watching a streamer can make up for a demo play. For instance, if you want to enjoy Fishing Frenzy demo play, you can easily watch a streamer who plays the game. That way, you not only get to have an idea about the game, you equally learn a few things and ask questions if you have any.

Why Casino Brands Collaborate with Streamers

Streamers and casino brands indeed collaborate to help the market grow. They work together through affiliation or sponsorship. Through these means, streamers help to promote brands, thereby bringing more customers to them, while the brands, in turn, sponsor the creator or give some commission to him.

Reaching a large number of people and making them aware of their brand would be more difficult for online casino sites if the streamers did not exist. Streaming platforms help to bring people from different parts of the world into one space. Streamers then harness them by playing and making live videos of themselves to gain the trust and support of viewers.

Given the highly competitive nature of the casino business, every brand is screaming to be heard. The struggle for attention in the industry then causes the brands to work with streamers who have better and easy access to the audience they need. The trust casino streamers share their videos with their fans, which makes it easy to convince customers to visit a casino brand.

Where Can You Watch Casino Streamers?

Two platforms are mainly known to host casino streamers (or creators); Twitch and YouTube. However, Twitch has more subscribers for casino streaming and a more user-friendly interface. Also, these platforms are guided by specific rules.

Twitch: Twitch is the leading platform for casino streamers with over 100 million visitors and over 1.7 million registered streamers. Twitch came into the picture in 2011 and has since continued to grow and attract a massive audience. An essential feature of Twitch is that it allows viewers to interact and exchange ideas and strategies through the chat box provided.

YouTube: Recently, Youtube has also grown into a casino streaming platform. Although it is mainly known for hosting millions of videos, from personal vlogs to informative videos, it is gradually recognized for casino streaming. 

How Do Casino Streamers Earn?

As much as casino streamers do what they do just for having fun and entertainment, they spend that much time also because they get to earn from their streaming. Not surprising for an era where almost everybody is making money while having fun. Casino streamers make their money through different means:

Bonuses and Patrons 

Viewers are allowed to donate more money to the streamer if they like them enough. This is done in external services like PayPal. Viewers also earn bits for free or buy them on Twitch. With such bits, they can support their preferred streamer. 

Although each bit is equivalent to 1cent, fans usually give thousands and hundreds of them. To make it tangible, creators resort to services like patron where fans can sign up and provide a regular quantity each month, and at the end of the month, streamers get rewarded.

Subscription Fees

The exclusive chat feature on Twitch can only be accessed by viewers who have subscribed. While following a streamer is free, subscriptions cost $5 monthly. The money paid for the subscription is then shared between the platform and the creator. 

Before now, Twitch looked into the number of subscribers every creator should have, but now, followers are the point of focus.

Affiliate Marketing 

Streamers also make money through Affiliate Marketing. Usually, they link their bio to some products on online stores. Sometimes, it could be any of the gadgets they wear while playing. When viewers like these products and access them through their link, they get rewarded by the store.

 Also, they earn by directing their viewers to various casino brands where they can sign up and earn bonuses. When these fans register in these casino brands through their link, the creator gets rewarded with a commission.


With sponsorship, the streamer doesn’t have to bother about advertising for stores and brands. Casino brands volunteer to sponsor streamers to play games. While they are playing, viewers get to see the logo of the brand and become curious.

Their curiosity then drives them to sign up with the site, and the streamer will most likely get a commission for every player that signs up through their casino streaming site. However, it requires a lot of commitment for a creator to get reputable sponsors. 

What You Need to Become a Streamer

The essential tools you will need to become a casino streamer are:

  • A Twitch account or YouTube live channel through which you can reach a wide range of audiences.
  • Streaming software. You can use the open broadcast software. It is free
  • A computer and an internet connection
  • A microphone to help you communicate effectively with your audience while you play
  • A webcam. Not that you must show your face, but it helps for better interaction with your audience.


The online casino is gaining popularity by the day. Many people are beginning to enjoy the comfort of gambling within the convenience of their homes. However, the competition in the casino business is as stiff as a stick. 

That’s why different brands collaborate with casino streamers, especially those with a large following, to create much-needed awareness for their brand. This, in turn, helps the growth of online casinos.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of


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