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8 Effective Safety Tips That You Need To Follow To Prevent Bicycle Accidents

Bicycling is one of the most popular recreational activities for adults and children. Unfortunately, however, bicycle accidents are common and often they can cause injuries and even death to cyclists. That’s why bicycle safety is a top priority for city planners, parents, and riders of all ages. In order to reduce the number of accidents, we must take precautions when riding our bikes. This article will give you some useful tips to guide you in the right direction.

1) Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

Bicycle accidents often happen because the cyclist is not aware of his/her surroundings. To avoid this, pay attention to your path at all times. Look out for obstacles, people, or pets that could cause you to swerve or fall off your bike. Also, be careful when passing cars since they can cause accidents involving cyclists and they are the biggest threat to cyclists’ safety on roads. If you ever find yourself in this dangerous accident, make sure to hire a lawyer since the other driver is typically at fault because your bike does not have any protective metal around it.

2) Always Wear Safety Gear

Protective gear such as helmets, wrist pads, knee, and elbow pads should always be worn. The majority of injuries occur due to your head hitting the ground or a hard surface during a fall. Therefore, wearing protective gear will lessen the chance of sustaining serious injuries and it could even save your life! It’s also important to make sure that your helmet fits properly before wearing it.

3) Mind The Weather

Bad weather can be dangerous for your health and safety while riding a bike. If the road is wet, you need to ride slower since you will not have as much traction on the ground. Slippery roads also make bikes more difficult to break which means that accidents are likely to happen. Furthermore, riding in cold weather can also be dangerous because of your health. Riding a bicycle on sunny days is the safest choice for optimal weather conditions.

4) Make Sure Your Bike Is In A Good Condition

Check your brakes, gears, and tire pressure often so you don’t suddenly lose control and fall off your bike. If your brakes are worn out, this could lead to accidents and injuries since it would be harder for you to stop.  Make sure that your gears work well, especially when you are riding up hills. Riding uphill without gears will drain your energy and make it harder for you to get back home. Also, check the pressure in your tires regularly since low tire pressure can lead to accidents.

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk from Pexels

5) Avoid Distracted Driving

Distracted driving can lead to serious bicycle accidents and injuries. For example, cyclists should not be distracted by listening to music or talking on the phone while riding a bicycle since it can make them more likely to miss obstacles in their path which could cause them to fall off. A good idea would be to keep both of your hands on your handlebars at all times during your ride.

6) Avoid Riding At Night

Riding at night can be dangerous since it is hard to see obstacles in your path. If you choose to ride at night, wearing reflective gear can help other drivers to spot you on the road. This will lower the risk of injuries that could arise if a driver does not see you. Also, there’s a lot of trucks at night. Avoid the hassle of finding the right truck accident attorney and just don’t ride your bike when it’s dark.

7)  Don’t Ride Under The Influence

It’s not only dangerous to drive your car under the influence, but it is also dangerous to bike under the influence. Your reflexes, senses, and perception are not in top shape if you have been drinking or using drugs which can cause accidents with injuries, thus seriously injuring your body. If you choose to drink, make sure that you call a cab or ask someone to give you a ride home.

8) Always Use Hand Signals

Signaling is very important for avoiding accidents with other cyclists or drivers. Make sure that you use hand signals when turning in your direction so that the person riding behind you knows where you are going to go next. Also, if there are any obstacles in front of you, make sure that the person behind you knows by signaling well in advance.

It’s important to always follow these tips when riding a bicycle so that you can avoid dangerous accidents with other vehicles on the road which could lead to injuries. Make sure that you wear safety gear at all times, ride in good weather conditions, and call a cab if you are drinking. Don’t ride at night, avoid distracted driving, and make sure that you use hand signals to avoid accidents with other cyclists or drivers. If you follow these tips, you should be able to prevent dangerous accidents while riding your bicycle.

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