Top 5 NASCAR Video Games of All Time

With video games being the biggest media platform on the planet right now, game developers are prepared to make any genre of game to test the water and to please its respective audience.

Over the years we’ve had some quality racing games. From the hyper realistic Gran Turismos across the Sony Playstation to the Forza series featured on Microsoft’s XBox, video games have undoubtedly made an impact. One of the most successful games of all time is Valve’s CS:GO. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is another title that has exploded in popularity, partly due to CSGO skin gambling sites on CSGOStake but also the fact that it’s one of the most watched esports on the planet.

Today, we bring you the definitive list of the best Nascar games of all time. Find out more below!

  1. iRacing

iRacing was designed with online compatibility at its core. The game was sanctioned and officially licensed by NASCAR, so even some familiar racers got in on the action. iRacing has a huge selection of vehicles to choose from. From trucks to IndyCars and everything in between, all gas and certainly no breaks.

There are a few similarities between iRacing and NASCAR Racing 2003, this is because some of the former developers at Papyrus, from NR2003, worked on the game.

  1. NASCAR Racing 4

Arguably one of the biggest leaps forwards in terms of NASCAR racing games, NR4 was created by Papyrus and was the first game that had cars programmed to flip, in the series. It was also the turning point in terms of graphics, as NR4 jumped from 256 to 24k color, meaning it was extremely impressive, visually, for its time.

  1. NASCAR Racing 2003 Season

Another entry from Papyrus, this is one of the most acclaimed NASCAR games and was available on the PC. Sadly, it also marked the end of an era, as just like FIFA, MLB, NBA, and NFL, NASCAR too sold the video game licensing rights to EA. NR03 was acclaimed for many reasons, from the massive selection of tracks to play on, to the wide variety of cars – it was certainly one of the more complete games of the series.

  1. NASCAR Thunder 2002

One of the better offerings from EA. NASCAR Thunder ‘02 improved lots of things on its predecessor, such as expanding the car fields from 16 up to 43. This was likely down to the fact that Hasbro was hot on their tail with the NASCAR Heat series. EA also added a career mode, which added another dimension to the gameplay, something that we still see in NASCAR games made in the current generation.

  1. NASCAR 06: Total Team Control

2006 was a great year for EA in general but was an exceptional year for fans of NASCAR game titles. EA decided to grace us with some of their most innovative ideas in NASCAR racing to date. Players now had the feature of being able to radio their teammate for help. Although your options were rather limited, you could still communicate to him to switch control to his car or if you wanted him to block for you. Despite it being well received, EA rug pulled the car swap feature by NASCAR ‘07.

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