Sports Betting in Florida

With the new legislation put in place, things have now changed in Florida. The new law has made it possible for Floridians to bet on their favorite sports without having to leave the state. You can’t just go to any casino in Florida to get your dose of sports betting since the county is still severely controlled.

In March of last year, the Sunshine State and the Seminole Tribe signed a new gambling agreement under Gov Ronald DeSantis to allow local sports wagering and internet casino operations. For the upcoming NFL season, the Seminole Tribe, which administers the state’s gaming sector, intends to have sports betting in Sunshine State available at tribe casinos throughout the Sunshine State. Pro sports stadiums found in Florida will also soon be providing betting possibilities.​ ​In the meantime, when betting, punters from Florida tend to opt for offshore betting sites as an alternative. This is because offshore sites come from countries where gambling is permitted, therefore Floridians can use these sites to bet on their favorite sports teams. Of course, choosing the right site is crucial since there are some sketchy sites out there.  

In the eyes of these groups, the expansion of gambling in Florida is in violation of the 3rd Constitution, which grants people exclusive discretion over whether or not to authorize new casinos. Despite this, many are optimistic that the agreement would be accepted by the various stakeholders.

Using offshore sports betting sites

There are now hundreds of sportsbooks accessible all over the world, and some of them are even designed to accommodate gamers from countries where it is illegal to conduct sports betting. For what reasons are there so many international sportsbooks advertising in North America? If anybody wishes to gamble from a place where gambling companies are prohibited such as Florida, they can utilize overseas bookies because they are not causing a legal disturbance by using overseas companies that are licensed in a different country. This means that Floridians have access to hundreds of offshore betting providers, which is why it’s important to turn to trusted and professional informative sources that will explain everything you need to know about sports betting in Sunshine State, as to make sure they are not breaking any laws, as well as finding the most ideal provider.

Consequently, the number of offshore bookies in Florida has skyrocketed in recent years. Finding reliable data on famous overseas bookmakers, as well as indicators of varied chances and incentives, and the standard of service can be a challenge because of the enormous diversity.

In order to find the most value for your money, there will be an abundance of alternative betting specials and special offers at multiple bookies for all major sporting events. 

For instance, a set wagering incentive with a payment limitation related to the number of your bonus points would negate any winnings you may have made by taking advantage of it. Consolation incentives, which may transform a lost wager into a threat gamble in which your wager money is returned if anything happens during the sports game on which you have bet that was pre-determined by the bookmaker, should be examined for possible application.

Even in heavily regulated settings, US punters receive higher incentives than overseas gamblers. Taxes are low or absent in many countries, thus operational costs are lower than in the U.S.A. Betting bonuses aren’t common at local bookies. Bonuses play a significant role in offshore betting.

When it comes to offshore betting websites there are a lot of different bonus offers that are provided when signing up. A large number of overseas gambling sites have a higher level of credibility than many local bookies. In addition, the betting possibilities and rewards available in overseas gaming establishments tend to be more diverse.

What one can expect from online sports betting providers

Sports Teams from the area

The vast bulk of bets placed on the majority of teams will still have to take place overseas, where citizens of Florida are not subject to any limitations. Fortunately, Florida shares boundaries with Georgia and Alabama, which means that you shouldn’t have a problem betting on your favorite teams that reside from those areas!

Horse racing bets are all allowed as long as the wager is placed on-site at the racetrack itself.

Dog Racing 

Greyhound racing was made prohibited in all of Florida on February 1, 2021, after a proposal was adopted by the people of The Sunshine state in 2018.


Most sportsbooks also provide some casino games. Florida is a center for conventional gambling, with more than 50 casinos in which Floridians may place their wagers on the state’s countless gambling machines and poker games, among other things. 


Cardrooms, as opposed to casinos, are state-licensed establishments where people can come to play poker. Numerous card rooms can be found in tribal casinos and racecourses, where Residents and visitors alike may enjoy additional games like Panguingue and Pai Gow, among others.


It is legal for Floridians to wager on bingo games as long as the activities are sponsored by charity, non-profit, or war vet organizations. Such organizations may include religions, major universities, and civic groups – must have been in operation for at least 4 years before being considered.

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