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An actuator is a type of universal mechanism. It is used in a variety of industries and even at home. Because it is so small, it is frequently invisible to the naked eye. However, without it, not only would it be impossible to transport large loads and even travel by car. Do you know how actuators work in a car?

The automobile industry uses a lot of complex high-tech devices. And an electrical actuator is no exception. The application areas of this device range from its use for closing doors to complex systems of turbine units and robotic gearboxes. Let’s take a closer look at the most common actuator applications in automobiles.

How Many Actuators Does A Car Have?

There are many actuators in a car. Although the majority of them are hidden beneath the kilograms of metal, they are all present and perform critical functions without which your car would not be able to move.

1. Turbine Actuator

The turbine actuator regulates a special valve that opens and closes the exhaust gas path. It operates on the same principle as a pump. The pressure is converted into linear movement of the rod by this device.

It enables the release of excess pressure in the turbine at high engine RPM, protecting both the turbine and the engine from failure. It is installed on the turbine.

2. Clutch System Actuator

The clutch system actuator is a mechanical device on electronics that performs activities to compress the clutch squeeze disk spring. It operates in response to commands from the transmission control unit.

3. Car Central Lock Actuator

A small electromotor connected to a movable rod is used to power it. A lock pull is attached to it. The engine begins to operate at the moment of the voltage supply, causing the shaft to rotate in the required direction, causing the rod to move.

Together with the rod, which has one end located on the lock lever, the lever is driven. As a result, the lock is either locked or released.

4. Carjack

A car jack is the most basic mechanical actuator found in every car. The input signal in this case is a human, and the actuator converts the rotational action into vertical movement of the jack pad.

5. Car Gearbox Actuator

The car gearbox actuators work as follows: by command from the head computer, the rod of the device acts on a specific synchronizer at a specific time. The actuator is physically similar to a standard clutch cylinder.

6. Cooling System Actuators

The vehicle’s air conditioning system makes use of several actuators:

  • Blend actuator. This mechanism combines cool and warm air so that they produce a comfortable temperature;
  • Fresh/circulate actuator. Thanks to it, one receives air circulation from the outside of the car to its cabin;
  • Heater control actuator. When the heater is turned on, this device regulates the flow of hot air;
  • Mode actuator. This device determines where the air will come out, such as the floor vents, top vents, or cooling down airflows that blow onto the windshield and windows.

7. Fuel Pump

A fuel pump is another type of actuator in a vehicle. It is powered by the battery of your vehicle. The engine receives fuel thanks to the pump, allowing it to run under suitable pressure.

8. Idle Speed Actuator

This mechanism is located on the engine throttle housing. Its primary function is to control the speed of air intake into the engine for idling control.

As you can see, there is a wide variety of actuator types available. Furthermore, each of them serves an important function for the operation of your vehicle, allowing you to enjoy your journey in comfort.


Hayley Mann is a technology enthusiast specializing in automation methods of ergonomics devices. Her engineering background helps her to create interesting articles on technical topics, making them understandable for all readers.

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