An Easy Guide to Negotiating a Truck Accident Settlement

Truck transport is a suitable way of taking your goods throughout the United States. As per statistics, around 70 percent of all goods reach their destination via a truck. However, the truck transport industry has become notorious over the years. Trucks were involved in numerous accidents because of careless drivers. According to Policy Advice, by 2030, truck accidents will be the fifth-largest reason for death in the United States. 

Truck accidents never result in everybody walking away unscathed from the accident. In most truck accident cases, the driver of the smaller vehicle will need to tackle large medical bills and expenses, lost wages, damage costs, and other non-economic damages too. 

Factors Influencing a Truck Accident Settlement

Some of the crucial factors influencing settlement for a truck accident are: 

Fault: The value of a particular truck accident settlement could be assessed and ascertained. It depends on the degree or extent of the fault of the parties involved.

Damages: Your settlement amount can be calculated by the value of all the damages suffered by you. Severe injuries will lead to greater economic losses and even non-economic losses too.

Injury: Injury is supposed to be the harm caused to you due to another person’s behavior. A severe injury will culminate in higher amounts in terms of damages.

Liability: It implies who was responsible for the accident. Who perpetrated or caused the accident?

Fatality: Fatality is a crucial factor in determining accurately the amount you will get as truck accident settlements.

Damages or Losses that Can Be Recovered

  • Medical expenses will include prescription medications, diagnostic testing (such as bloodwork, MRI, CT scans, or ultrasounds), doctor and hospital visits, etc.
  • Lost earning potential.
  • Lost future and past wages that may include long-term disabilities.
  • Pain and suffering.
  • Vehicle or property damage replacement.
  • Wrongful death

Reasons to Seek a Truck Accident Settlement

A Trial Could Be Time-Consuming

It may take many years for your truck accident lawsuit to go to trial. The case could go to appeal, and the case will shift to the higher court. Sometimes, the entire legal process will start all over again. It should take more time than anticipated. Moreover, while you are waiting endlessly for closure while the trial is going on, you may not have adequate money to finance medical expenses or other costs. 

You May Need to Testify

In the event, the trucking company insists that you were partly liable for the accident, you may be asked to testify. You may have to answer some critical questions to clarify to the people concerned how the accident took place and what your role was. You may have to reveal your mental and physical condition just after and before the truck accident for demonstrating to the jury or judge the extent of your injury and the amount of money necessary for treatment and recovery. Many people prefer to seek a settlement than pursue a long-drawn-out legal battle where they even may need to testify. We know that numerous people find the idea of testifying before a judge or jury complicated and stressful. 

Attorney Fees Can Go Up At Trial

Generally, personal injury lawyers will be assisting you for a specified contingency fee, implying they will not get their payment until you receive a settlement or win the case. Your attorney usually gets a percentage from your damage award. However, if your case ultimately goes to trial, that percentage is bound to go up usually, from 33 percent to 40 percent.


You will be losing privacy at trial because everything will become a public record. You might be having an air-tight case, but a jury could be unpredictable. It is best to opt for a truck accident settlement. You should contact a truck accident lawyer at the earliest possible. Even a slight delay may result in the loss of vital evidence. It could hamper your chances of getting a full settlement.

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