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Liberty Media Has Made Formula 1 More Popular Than Ever

Formula 1 is now one of the largest viewed sports globally with over 1.8 billion people tuning in to watch the races. Trackside the average attendance is approximately 200,000 spectators making it a truly memorable event for spectators and drivers alike. With  22 races in 2021 alone spread throughout the world in 20 countries, the sport is going from strength to strength. Exciting and more popular than ever the crowds flock to see their heroes racing in a truly exhilarating event that no other motorsport can compete with. Getting tickets to these events is not always easy, especially for North American races or the British Grand Prix but Edge Global F1 Paddock Club and hospitality can give you some of the best options for viewing the race live and in a hospitality area that caters to everybody of any age.

What Makes Formula One So Popular Now?

Being the fastest motorsport in the world and events held in multiple counties Formula 1 or the Grand Prix as some choose to call it has been building year on year the number of followers to the sport. The excitement whether watching on the television, the stands with thousands of people willing their favorite driver or team can be exhilarating. But the best way to view the event is often the VIP suites. One of the best companies that can facilitate information on the results and ticket information is, offering an award-winning amount of information on not only Formula 1 but Nascar events also. There are many reasons why Formula 1 has become so popular, here are just a few.

  • The global number of countries that hold annual races.
  • The opportunity for gambling either on the entire season or individual races.
  • Speed and overall excitement of watching the race, whether in person live or on television.
  • The enthusiasm of the followers of the sport is as strong as any major sporting event, soccer, tennis, NFL or Nascar, etc.

Another reason that makes the sport so universally popular is the number of contenders from all over the world. British, Dutch, Brazilian, Italian, Australian, and German drivers compete at the highest level with more American acceptance of the sport; it won’t take long until one of the drivers becomes a champion.

Can Formula One Overtake Nascar as The Number One Motorsport In The USA?

Nascar is a much-loved sport throughout America, especially in the southern States, and will remain so. But Formula One is growing in popularity in the United States and holds 2 events each season, 1 in Indianapolis and one in Austin Texas with spectators numbering in the hundreds of thousands at each event. But it may take some time for the sport to surpass the numbers supporting and following Nascar which has a long and ingrained history in American culture. 

It is unlikely that Formula 1 will be the number one motorsport in the United States anytime soon but each year it gets more and more popular. Nascar is ingrained in American culture and without an American driver or team winning the Formula 1 for many years it may take some time for attitudes towards the sport to change.

It Has Been A Long Time Since An American Champion In Formula 1

Most notable was Italian born Mario Andretti who after becoming a naturalized American citizen had a successful career in Indycar, Nascar, and Formula 1. Whilst winning many races he was 1st in the Indycar season, 1st in the Nascar season, and also Formula 1 season. A very talented driver indeed and well respected by his peers. Out of 128 Formula 1 starts he was on the podium 19 times and won 12 races, making him one of the most popular drivers of all time. 

Also, the only person to win the Indycar, Nascar, and Formula 1 titles in his career. Since his retirement, it has been mostly European drivers that have dominated the race circuit, notably Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton. With all the teams competing now and with new car restrictions being put in place by the sports governing body it is only time until an American driver or Australian competitor will win the title sometime soon. 


With such a huge global following and being one of the most-watched sports on television Formula 1 has gained much media attention and the drivers are treated like rockstars.

High octane sports have people fascinated and with the ever-changing safety rules coming into play the chance of serious injury is very low compared to years ago. A day at the Formula 1 races anywhere in the world is a great day out for all the family, exciting to watch and the smells and sounds of the cars are unlike anything you have ever experienced before. If you have never been, it should be on the list of things to do.

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