Class II and Class III Slot Machines and why you need to know the difference

Slot machines today are among the most popular casino games played and are offered in many different forms and locations. Recently online slots have been the biggest growth in popularity, and if you wish to join in check out a list of developers at  However, when questioned, even the most seasoned players do not know the differences between a Class II and Class III slot machine.

The average user will not be able to discern the differences between a Class II and Class III machine. The user can only truly know through a thorough examination of the machine along with its manual and regulations tied to it. If you’re interested in exploring online slots further, you can also try your luck at Mostbet, a renowned platform known for its exciting slot games.

Class II Slot ‘Machines’

First and foremost, you may be wondering why the word machines are in quotations. Machines that operate under Class II are not permitted by law to use the term “Slot Machine” and must use a different name. The easiest way to detect a Class II is by looking at its technical name, most commonly called “Video Lottery Terminals”.

Class II slot machines also operate independently and deterministically. This means there isn’t any true randomness tied to the machine as everything is predetermined from the get-go, including payouts, jackpots, and winning tickets. Each time you operate this machine, the result has already been decided, you are just going through the motions. Slots are definitely one of the most popular and exciting games in non UK casinos accepting UK players. Play responsibly and enjoy the excitement within safe limits!

Class III Slot Machines

When people think of traditional slot machines, Class III is almost always what they refer to. Class III slot machines are the exact ones you find inside casinos in Vegas or other big cities and online casinos. Class III machines are legally allowed to be called “Slot machines” and operate as such.

Class III slot machines do not operate deterministically like Class II machines. Class III machines use internal or external programming to generate random numbers to determine payouts, jackpots, and winning tickets. These numbers are referred to as Random Number Generation (RNG).

Random number generation allows the machines to have infinite payouts compared to the limited number that Class II machines have.

Comparing the Differences Between Class II and Class II Slots

Below is a table comparing the key differences between Class II and Class II machines:

Class II MachinesClass III Machines
It cannot be influenced or changed by the Facility or Casino.Must use the name “Slot Machine”.
Subject to influence from the Facility or Casino.Cannot be influenced or changed by the Facility or Casino.
It has to use a name other than “Slot Machine”.Infinite amounts of winning chances, higher and even successive wins possible.
Not under regulations, therefore regulated by the Facility or Casino itself.Under strict regulations by law and requires government approval.
Deterministic payouts and winnings are set in stone.Randomly generated payouts through the use of a Random Number Generator. Winnings are truly random.
Winnings are not taxedWinnings are taxed

As you can see, Class II machines heavily favor the Casino or Facility operating them and therefore are not good for consumer use compared to their Class III counterparts. Applying this knowledge will allow you to gamble more safely whilst also giving you better odds of winning payouts.

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