Buying your first quad. Everything you need to know

A quad is traditionally used for off-road sports and activities. They are becoming very popular as both a hobby and in agriculture. Whatever you need the quad for, it can be difficult to buy your first quad if you are unsure what you are looking for or what to watch out for. There are lots of different things to consider so here is a little bit of advice for you to consider and to be on the eye out for.

Choosing the right quad for you

The idea of charging around off-road is exciting but before you decide to begin hurtling around, you need to know what kind of quad bike is good for you and what kind of vehicle you would like. One of the ways to get a good deal is to buy second-hand. There are plenty of used quads for sale in Edmonton for you to peruse and get an idea of what to buy.

Even though they have four wheels quad bikes are not always the most intuitive and can be quite difficult to get used to. When you are steering, control is done through your body position and how you distribute your weight. Thus, it is vital you choose a quad that is both manageable for your size and that you feel comfortable managing.

For example:

350kg are lighter quads are typically used for younger riders

400kg are more medium ones and are the average quad bikes

550kg is more usual for goods carriers and agricultural uses.

Many of the quads have larger seating space which suggests that you can have a passenger. However, not many quads are designed for passengers. You may become unstable if you carry more than one person on your quad.


This is one of the most important things that you can check when you buy a used quad. You need to make sure the tires are up to scratch so that you know you will be safe when out on the road. The tires on a quad need to be of good quality as they have a large impact on control, cornering, and braking sensitivity. You need to think about what you are using the quad for. If you are using them on the road and off-road, then you need the tires that can achieve this.

Universal tires are the most versatile of quad tires and can deal with moderate off-road paths and regular roads. Specific off-road tires should be reserved for more extreme terrain and more experienced drivers. These are really important so make sure to seek out help if you need it.

What size of engine? 

Your engine size will be determined by how much experience you have and by what you need the quad for. Whilst it may seem like a good idea to get a larger engine, like a 750 cc to 1000cc, this may not be ideal if you are a new rider. Quads that are closer to 450cc to 500cc still give the same boost of power but are much better at handling.

Two or four-wheeled drive 

While four-while drive quads are really good for tackling hilly terrain and for towing large weights. However, this means that they are heavier and more difficult to control. These tend to be more popular in the agricultural sector than in the hobby market. The two-wheel-drive will allow you to make the most of much flatter locations and road driving than their four-wheeled drive. They are much lighter and easier to handle. This is a much better option for those new to the quad hobby.

Does a quad need to be road legal?

Much like ATVs and buggies, quads are usually classified as private light goods and thus can be licensed for use on UK roads. Not all quads can become road legal though and so you should check which model you are looking at before you buy. In order to use it on the road, you must have a full UK driving license and your quad will need a number plate, tax, insurance, and an MOT just like a normal car.

Buying your first quad

Much like buying a car, buying a quad involves a lot of research and being careful with your money. Make sure you spend time looking at what you want and need from your quad. If you need a lot of off-road power, then think about your engine size and weight. If you are looking for something more substantial then look at heavier models with a big engine.

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