The Ultimate Guide For Preparing Your Car For A Show

Whether you’ve got a custom-made vehicle or a classic, antique car that you’ve added to your collection, you’ll likely have considered displaying it at a car show. Most car shows will have an easy way to sign up for a place to show your car, but getting your car ready for the show could be a somewhat more complex matter, depending on what state your vehicle is in. Due to all the things you’ll need to think about when preparing your car for a show, we’ve put together a list of useful tips to help you get your car ready for viewing.

Make Sure It’s In Working Order

Your first step, which you should be taken well in advance of the show, is to make sure your car works. Getting your vehicle to the show when it currently doesn’t run is possible, of course, with the help of a larger car loader, but this is going to make the process somewhat more complicated. It’s also going to significantly diminish the appeal of your car if it simply doesn’t start. Many guests are going to want to hear the purr of a well-maintained engine to see the rest of the vehicle in its feature-complete splendour. Here are things that will drain your car battery are some maintenance steps to consider.

  • Check The Engine

One of the key things to check before displaying your vehicle is that your engine is in good working order. It may be worth getting it checked over by an experienced mechanic if you’re only a layman when it comes to car maintenance. You’ll want to check the car’s fluids, including the oil and coolant. You’ll also want to keep an eye out for any leaks. The best way to do this is to leave your vehicle parked on clean and brightly-coloured slabs overnight and see if anything has accumulated below the car in the morning.

  • Ensure Tires Are Filled

If you’re going to be driving your car to the show, you’ll also want to make sure that the tire pressure is correct and that the tires are safe to drive on. The last thing you want is a tire to burst or get damaged somehow. It’s also worthwhile bringing spare tires and the means to lift the car to replace the tire. Even if you’re not driving the vehicle to the show itself, flat tires can be quite obvious and can make your car look underwhelming, so make sure you keep them filled.

  • Bring Spare Batteries

Showing your car will likely take somewhat of a toll on the vehicle, even for the day. There’s a chance you’ll be turning the ignition regularly (only if you’re showing outside), as well as turning the headlights on, playing the radio, and generally showcasing everything your car has to offer. These are things that will drain your car battery, so it’s important to remember to bring some spares, as well as things like jumper cables. Although, at a car show like this, you’ll not be far away from someone that may be able to help. But remember, many classic cars may need a much more specific battery than the ones you can easily find today, so bring some spares that will work for yours.

Help Your Car To Stand Out
There are understandably going to be some stunning cars alongside yours at a car show, and you’ll likely want to spend some time roaming around to see what everyone else has brought to the table. But you’ll also want to make sure that your car stands out as much as possible so that all of the hard work and love you’ve poured into your car doesn’t go unnoticed. There are a number of ways in which you can help your car stand out from others, depending on the vehicle and where you’re situated at the show. Consider the following ideas to help you with this.

  • Unique Design

Unless you’re looking to stay true to the original design of your classic car, it may be worthwhile creating your own custom design for your car. A great new paint job or modernization of an older vehicle can really draw the crowds, but it also might annoy some of the traditionalists. Consider adding your own touches to your car to really make it unique if this is something you’d be happy to do. Unless your car is a very rare, vintage model that most people won’t have seen, you’ll need some other way to draw in the crowds with a daring new look.

  • Custom Number Plate

A simpler way of adding a unique element to your car is to add a custom and legal number plate to it. You can buy and sell DVLA number plates via companies like Regtransfers, a private number plate specialist. Of course, it’s important to remember that you can’t display a number plate on your vehicle that makes it look younger than it is, which can add some limitations to which plate you choose for your classic model. However, as long as you follow the DVLA’s rules on this, you can get a custom plate for your vehicle, which can serve as the perfect finish to an already fantastic car.

  • Get Creative

When displaying your vehicle, you’ll want to find some great ways in which you can show it off. Sometimes, a pristine vehicle in fantastic condition just sitting on its own isn’t always the best way to attract a crowd, especially when there are going to be many other amazing cars there. This is why you’ll want to get creative when showing your vehicle. Consider things like an information board, including images of any restoration work you’ve done—everyone loves a before and after view. Don’t forget to do things such as opening the trunk, doors, and hood, giving passers-by a better view of the interior parts of the car, too.

Cleaning Your Car

The last thing anyone wants to see is a great car ruined by dirt and grime. This understandably looks like the owner doesn’t care about the vehicle and doesn’t have the time and patience to ensure that it is kept in great condition. Ultimately, it would be a surprise to see a dirty car at a car show, too, as the whole point is to showcase how great your car looks. This is why it’s incredibly important to spend time cleaning every inch of your car to ensure it looks as great as possible on the day.

Start With The Engine And Undercarriage

You should start with cleaning your car’s engine and undercarriage because they are often forgotten about when people clean their cars. Once you’ve got the hood open or someone wants to take a look inside, the grime and grease inside will be in stark contrast to the shiny exterior of the vehicle. It’s also important to do this first, as the grease will often get all the rest of your car, and if you’ve already cleaned it, you’ll need to go over it all again. After you’ve cleaned that, don’t forget to get the car’s interior cleaned out too. Remove all debris down to the last crumb, and don’t forget to clean the boot. Once you’ve done all of this, you’re free to wash and wax the exterior, which is arguably the most enjoyable part.

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