Most Dangerous Intersections In America

From a statistical standpoint, driving is safer than ever before. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that traffic fatalities have dropped to their lowest point in history. Even so, auto accidents and the threat of collisions remain unfortunate realities for many drivers.

To ensure you make the most informed decisions regarding where and when to drive, we’ve compiled a list of the top most dangerous intersections in America.

1. Lalor Street and SR-129

This intersection experiences the most collisions per mile in the United States. It is also known as one of the most dangerous intersections in Florida, and it is listed on a list of “Florida’s Most Dangerous Intersections.”

There have been at least 120 accidents at this location since 2007. However, the most recent accident happened on March 2, 2013. But the intersection is still ranked number one on the list. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re Brad Pitt or Tonia Brock, stay safe on the road and be cautious here.

2. East Jersey Street and US-1&9

A car accident lawyer from New Jersey says: “The designation of East Jersey Street and US-1&9 as the second most dangerous intersection in the country raises significant concerns regarding public safety.”

This intersection ranks as the second most dangerous in the country. It is located in the city of Atlantic City, New Jersey, and is a major route for traffic traveling to and from the casinos on the boardwalk.

The intersection features three lanes of traffic, including two through lanes and one left-turn lane. It also features a large painted island at the center of the intersection. The island is designed to guide drivers through the intersection by making them aware of which lane they are supposed to be in.

Despite all of these safety measures, this area is still very dangerous for drivers due to the high volume of vehicles using it throughout every hour of every day. This fact also makes this intersection one of Atlantic City’s most dangerous intersections overall and one of its busiest intersections.

3. Massachusetts Ave and SR-70

Massachusetts Avenue and SR-70 is the second most dangerous intersection in America. This intersection was ranked fourth among the most dangerous intersections in 2009. According to a study from the University of Maryland, this intersection has been hit by more than 4,000 cars every year since 1990. In 2010 alone, a total of 28 crashes occurred at this location.

In 2009, there were seven crashes at this intersection, with one fatality and six injuries. Since then, four fatal collisions have occurred at this location in 2010. The first was a pedestrian struck by a car on December 16 who died from his injuries. The second was an elderly driver who collided with another vehicle on January 20 and later died from his injuries.

The third collision occurred on December 30 when two vehicles collided, resulting in one death and two injuries. The fourth fatality occurred on February 8 when the driver of a Nissan Altima lost control while making a left turn onto Massachusetts Avenue and crashed.

4. SR-360 and US-287: San Tan Valley, Arizona

This intersection ranks number 4 because it is a notoriously dangerous spot for motorists. SR-360 and US-287 are both major highways in the Phoenix-Mesa area. The problem is that they intersect at a sharp angle with no median barrier or shoulder to separate the two roads.

This makes it difficult for drivers to see oncoming traffic, especially in inclement weather. There are also no warning signs or flashing lights at this location; drivers must rely on their eyesight and judgment to make sure they do not collide with each other.

5. Grand Blvd and Montgomery St: Los Angeles, CA

Grand Blvd and Montgomery St are a dangerous Los Angeles, CA intersection. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there are over 300 accidents yearly at this intersection alone. The most frequent accident type is rear-ended crashes.

Grand Blvd and Montgomery St have been named the most dangerous intersection in California by “The Daily Beast”. This intersection has been ranked as one of the most dangerous intersections in America for two years.

6. SR-132 Street Rd and SR-2019 Knights Rd

This intersection is located in the city of Scottsdale, Arizona. In 2014, there were 11 accidents with injuries and one fatality at this intersection. According to an article on, “In 2015, there were four crashes with injuries and one fatal crash” at this intersection.

Also, the article on states, “In 2016, there were six crashes with injuries and one fatal crash” at this intersection. The intersection has a posted speed limit of 35 MPH.

7. SR-46 and SR-83: Santa Clara, California

Traffic accidents are a concern for many drivers in this area. According to the California Highway Patrol, there were 629 reported collisions in 2014. Of these accidents, 50% of them resulted in injuries or fatalities. The CHP has been working to reduce the number of crashes and the severity of those that occur.

They installed a traffic signal and implemented new speed limits to improve safety at this intersection. These efforts have reduced the number of collisions by 70% over two years and reduced the severity of those that occur by 40%.

8. 4th Avenue and Holgate Street

This busy intersection is particularly dangerous for cyclists and pedestrians traveling alongside motorists in the area. So much so that according to an SDOT report, almost 10% of all traffic-related fatalities occurred within less than a mile of this crossway. It’s essential for victims of traffic accidents to understand what to do after the event. Otherwise, their injuries could get worse and their medical bills can pile up with no help in sight. 

9. East Grand St and US-1&9:

In the past few years, two major construction projects have caused heavy congestion on this stretch of US-1. However, according to a local traffic expert, the intersection is not only dangerous but also the most dangerous in terms of crash rate. And as a result of these projects, the intersection has become one of the most dangerous in the state.

Driving is a dangerous activity, especially at intersections. It is important to be aware of the hazards and risks involved and how one can best reduce them. If you find yourself in an intersection accident, you can take action to reduce the risk of future accidents. Use the tips below, and always exercise caution and awareness.

The biggest danger to drivers is a crash at an intersection. A collision can result in serious injury or death. It is important that drivers understand the risks involved when driving through an intersection and practice safe driving habits at all times.

When approaching an intersection, it is important to slow down when you see the traffic light turning red and stop if you cannot go through the intersection safely. The extra seconds you will save can mean the difference between life and death.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of


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