Are Forward-Fold Campers Taking Over?

Forward-folding campers have changed the camper trailer game in a big way. In recent years, more people are opting for the simplicity and sophistication of this design over the old rear-fold campers. However, deciding whether forward-fold campers are taking over requires considering how the camper is doing in the market.

Why Are People Going for Forward-Fold Campers?

Firstly, more people are going for forward-fold campers because of their many advantages over their rear-fold counterparts. Here are some benefits of forward-fold campers enabling the style to take over the market gradually.

Easy Set-up

The first benefit of making outdoor enthusiasts gravitate towards forward-fold campers is the ease of set-up. You only need to set up the poles and ensure extensions are correctly raised. Once you get the desired, you are good to go.

Less Footprint

One of the significant advantages of a forward-fold camper is that they occupy little space in a campsite. The top opens up, providing extra space without taking up more land area. This feature also makes this camper suitable for driving around. Imagine moments you want to get some takeouts from a drive-through or stock up on supplies from a mart.


Forward-fold campers gradually take over because they tend to be more comfortable than most rear-fold campers. They have hard floors that are becoming more preferred by camping enthusiasts as they provide solid floors to hold heavy items. These campers also allow you to set up additional beds, leveraging the extra space above. With this, you won’t have to set up tents at camps if you don’t want to do so.

Tips for Buying a Forward-Fold Camper Trailer

After evaluating forward-fold campers’ benefits, you may embrace the style and buy one. In that case, you should know what to look for in a forward-fold camper before making the purchase. Here are some tips for buying a forward-fold camper that you should know.

Image: Cub Campers


Check your camper trailer’s specifications thoroughly to ensure that it has all you need to use it. This task also ensures you get your money’s worth in the camper. You can pay more for sophisticated campers with special off-road camping features.

Additional Features

Whether buying a new camper or a used one, you should get as much value out of the purchase as possible. See if your dealer or the seller can throw in additional features like camping tables, portable chairs, water tanks and fishing gear. Getting some of those will reduce how much you have to spend to fit your camper later.


Know your budget and how to get the best available camper. There is usually an abundance of new and used campers on sale; you can be sure to get a camper within any reasonable budget. You should also consider your budget before pointing at a fancy camper.


Forward-fold campers are taking over the camper trailer space. Newer models offer competitive features that attract buyers. Some rear-fold campers are trying to keep up, but the difference between the two is the deciding factor. Forward-fold campers tend to offer all the benefits of the rear-fold camper with a few additional ones.

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