Injured While Driving a Car? Here’s Why You Need a Lawyer by Your Side

Being injured while driving is overwhelming, to say the least. You’re likely dealing with an onslaught of emotions, as well as physical sensations that aren’t ideal. More than this, you could be missing out on work hours and suffering financially. You probably are also struggling to manage your daily obligations and errands with a damaged vehicle or no vehicle at all. And the icing on the cake is that you’ve got to deal with insurance, the other party, or perhaps even a lawsuit. 

It’s okay to feel stressed—that’s a completely appropriate response; injuries are stressful. The following will explore a few reasons you might want to bring a car accident lawyer to your side as you deal with the aftermath of a driving injury. 

Learn About Your Options

Whenever the possibility of a legal proceeding pops up, people get scared and scared people get shifty. Your workplace, the other party in an accident and/or your insurance company are likely going to look to settle the situation as quickly as possible so they can get out of that scared state as fast as possible. The problem with this is that there are often many pathways available to you after an incident like an injury while driving a car, and the quickest solution isn’t always what’s in your best interest. Beyond this, the act of making a decision takes time. This means that people might encourage you to make a choice that isn’t right for you. It also means they might not even share with you that there are other options.

Speaking to a lawyer can, first and foremost, allow you to learn about all your options. Turning to a personal injury lawyer for advice can help you clarify what the different pathways are and can even outline likely responses and estimated timelines. They can also let you know how long you have to make your decision (some options expire after a certain amount of time has lapsed). You should have all this information before taking action.

It’s important to note that, often, pursuing one response to an injury means giving up your right to pursue any other response. This means it’s vital that you don’t sign anything until you speak to a lawyer and are aware of all the different courses of action you could take.

Your Insurance Company Has Lawyers

Even if you simply wish to submit a claim to your insurance company, you need to understand that insurance companies thrive because they pay out far less money than they take in. It is actually their aim to pay out as little as possible, regardless of your best interest. To accomplish this aim, insurance companies hire lawyers to help them deal with claims.

If you think you can handle taking on a lawyer by yourself, you’re in denial. While this happens in the movies and on television occasionally, it’s highly unlikely that an untrained person is going to be pleased with the outcome of a negotiation they underwent with a professional lawyer. These are experienced people whose sole focus is proving you wrong. They’ve spent years, decades even, convincing people that things should be looked at a certain way. You can bet that they’re good at this.

You Might Not Know What You’re In For

If you haven’t dealt with a legal proceeding in the past, you probably aren’t fully aware of what you’re about to deal with. No matter how innocent you are, being questioned by a lawyer is hard and emotionally draining. The experience can be made easier if you’re prepared. A lawyer can help with this. They can let you know what sort of questions you should expect and let you know what you’re legally allowed to refuse. They can explain the process and why things are happening the way they are. It’s easy to feel taken advantage of by the legal system if you haven’t been informed about your rights and responsibilities.

Better Estimates

It’s common for people to underestimate the impact an injury will have on their life long term. It’s also common to underestimate how much these impacts are going to cost you. A personal injury lawyer who has seen many serious injuries in the past can help you understand the extent of your needs. They know how much injuries cost financially, physically and emotionally and can help you understand what you are entitled to. You might be entitled to a lot more than you currently think you are and you might need that compensation in the future.

Avoid Simple Mistakes

Have you ever waited a few hours at the DMV only to get to the front desk where you’re told you don’t have one of the things you need to have? And that you’ll have to secure that and then wait in line again? Injury claims can work that way too. Legal paperwork is often a tricky thing. A simple mistake can push back your whole submission, case, file or hearing. Missing a deadline can force you to start the whole process over again. An attorney can help you with the paperwork, not only letting you know what needs to be done in what order but also checking things over for you to make sure nothing is missed.

Support And Advocacy

One of the major benefits of working with a lawyer is having an advocate. Life is hard when you’re going it alone; it can be even harder when you’re injured and alone. A professional lawyer can help stand up for you and your needs, helping you ask for what you’re entitled to. Having someone on your team seeking your best interest can often be the thing that tips the scale, bringing you a better outcome.

Having read through the above points, it should be clear that there are a lot of benefits a lawyer can offer you if you’ve been injured while driving. If the cost of a lawyer is what’s leaving you hesitant, know that there are options for everyone. Some lawyers only charge you if they win your case and earn you money—this is often referred to as a contingent cost. Some lawyers charge by the hour, whereas others agree on a set price for the whole process ahead of time. As well there are lawyers who take on pro bono cases to help those who couldn’t otherwise secure legal aid.

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