The Cutting-Edge Techniques Used by Automotive Locksmiths

Car security has advanced hugely over the years. Increased security means a reduced chance of car theft. Sophisticated entry systems make cars harder to get into.

In the past, it was simple to get into many models of cars. In the 1980s, it was easy to open a car without a key. But, now, anyone who locks a key inside, or loses a key fob, faces a challenge trying to gain access.

Automotive locksmiths are called out countless times a day as thousands of motorists find themselves locked out. To combat this problem, automotive locksmiths use a variety of cutting-edge techniques to open car doors.

Why call an automotive locksmith?

Old cars were fairly easy to get into if you knew how. The newer models on the road have much more sophisticated security systems and locks. Being locked out of one of these cars is a good enough reason to call any automotive locksmith.

However, a visit to reveals a number of reasons to call an automotive locksmith.

Automotive locksmiths offer a range of services that include replacing keys and repairing ignitions. While there is little doubt that the bread and butter work is opening locked cars, there are plenty of other services carried out by auto locksmiths.

Keys get lost, stolen, and broken. Automotive locksmiths are able to program new keys, cut replacements, and extract broken ones from car locks.

To implement automotive locksmith services, professionals need to keep up to date with technology.

How have automotive locksmiths adapted to advances in technology?

Auto locksmiths have had to adapt to new advances such as keyless entry systems. As car manufacturers design more sophisticated locks and entry systems, it is important that locksmiths remain up-to-date.

Automotive locksmiths use the latest technology and diagnostic tools to gain entry to cars and to program transponders. This knowledge is put to use helping motorists keep their cars secure.

Any new tools or devices to aid locksmiths will be adopted. And it is rare to find an auto locksmith who isn’t able to get into any car whether it is a classic or a modern type.

What are the cutting-edge techniques and services provided by automotive locksmiths?

There are several ways to reduce your vehicle’s risk of theft. Keeping an auto locksmith’s number on your phone might prove invaluable. Botched attempts at car theft could leave your vehicle with a broken lock. Calling an automotive locksmith will lead to your car being repaired and secured.

But there is more to automotive locksmithing than repairing car locks. Here are some services that auto locksmiths carry out and the technology they use.

Transponder key programming

A lot of modern cars are unable to be locked if the transponder key is inside. This has helped to lower the amount of people accidentally locking themselves out. However, most cars can still be locked whether the key is inside or not.

Auto locksmiths are able to program new transponder keys and reprogram existing ones. The benefits of this are that stolen keys can be rendered useless. And spare keys can be created.

You are probably aware that car dealerships also program transponder keys, but auto locksmiths are often more affordable. Search for a local locksmith online by searching “locksmith springvale” or another term using your own area to weigh up your options and find the best possible service.

Laser key cutting

Car keys have changed dramatically through the decades. Laser keys or sidewinder keys offer higher levels of security than the kind used in the 1980s. Sidewinder keys first appeared in the 1990s when they were introduced by Lexus.

The idea behind laser keys was to create a key that was difficult to duplicate. Special tools need to be used to create laser keys, and thus car theft became more difficult. Auto locksmiths possess the skills and the tools needed to cut laser keys.

Risk assessment

Locksmiths use their knowledge and experience to carry out risk assessments on homes and garages. An auto locksmith could advise on different anti-theft devices and their worth. They will also advise on the effectiveness of car alarms.

Automotive locksmiths often work alongside regular locksmiths in a business. Therefore, aside from car security, a locksmith could install keyless entry systems for garages too. This helps to keep cars from being stolen or vandalized.

Diagnostic tools and reprogramming

Automotive locksmiths have a far more complicated job than they used to. As car design becomes more advanced, programming new keys and gaining entry to cars becomes harder.

Auto locksmiths must use high-level diagnostic tools to communicate with the vehicle’s electronic modules. Components such as immobilizers can be difficult to deal with. And programming keyless systems can lead to fault codes and errors.

A diagnostic tool is necessary for reading and clearing fault codes, accessing electronic modules, and for coding.

Emergency lock-out services

It isn’t uncommon for people to try and force a car door when they get locked out. This will often lead to damage and further costs. And very often the services of an auto locksmith will still be needed.

The cutting-edge techniques used by auto locksmiths meant that entry was gained smoothly and without any damage. Here are some of the ways that automotive locksmiths get into locked vehicles.


Already mentioned above, reprogramming key fobs is one way to gain access to locked cars. Using the tools of the trade, a good automotive locksmith will quickly get into a car without causing any damage to it.

Providing replacement key fobs is increasingly common. The global automotive key fob market size was measured at $4.82 billion in 2018 and is growing at a rapid rate.

The slim jim method

Not exactly cutting-edge but highly effective on the right model car. This is the method of entry most likely to be copied by DIY locksmiths. But, without the necessary knowledge, forcing the lock this way can lead to problems.

A slim jim is a flat tool that fits under the window seal and can reach a car lock. When done correctly, a car can be opened with no damage. Yet, in the hands of an amateur, a slim jim could crack a window, damage a lock, or disable the airbags.

Immobilizer bypass

Immobilizers are an excellent theft deterrent. However, sometimes immobilizers fail. If the correct key isn’t put in the ignition then the immobilizer won’t let the car start. But, sometimes immobilizers refuse to recognize the right key code.

Auto locksmiths will use diagnostic tools to retrieve necessary data and reprogram the immobilizer.

Broken key extraction

Auto locksmiths are used to dealing with broken keys. First, the broken key will be extracted from the car, then a duplicate will be made to gain entry.

Code key-cutting machines

Vehicle anti-theft systems were introduced to make it harder to steal cars. If a key is lost though, a VATS passcode decoder will be needed to make a duplicate. Code key-cutting machines can create duplicates without the original key being present.

What advances are being made in automotive security?

Security technology is always advancing. To prevent theft, security experts have to stay one step ahead. This means that auto locksmiths are always learning new methods to carry out their jobs.

The latest in keyless entry systems for cars will involve biometrics. There are different types of biometrics, but they all use human characteristics.

Car entry systems might start to use fingerprint scanners on ignitions. They could also incorporate facial recognition and retina scans.


Diagnostics tools, coding, reprogramming, and laser key cutting, are just some of the cutting-edge methods used by auto locksmiths. Automotive locksmiths are known for helping people get into their cars. But, the way they carry out this task might involve skills you hadn’t expected.

Even if biometric systems mean the end of lockouts, you can bet that auto locksmiths will still be using advanced technology to help motorists repair ignitions and bypass faulty entry systems.

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