The amazing world of F1 betting: how can you bet on the world’s most famous car racing competition?

F1 is the biggest international motor racing competition and the most prestigious event in the world of car racing. Everybody who loves action and speed and who wants their adrenaline to hit peak levels, can get a unique experience by attending and watching live F1 races. 

But even for those who can’t really be there as spectators, they can obtain a maximum experience of F1 races through betting in bookmakers and betting sites in Switzerland or in any other part of the world. In fact F1 betting has lately gained much attention from punters, something which verifies the increased interest of fans and the widespread popularity that this competition is generating. 

Betting on Formula 1 can be challenging and exciting all together. That’s because on the one hand it is really intriguing to try to make predictions on F1 races and have realistic chances of being accurate and on the other hand there are many different options amongst which bettors can choose, making it an admittedly interesting market. 

If you are new to F1 betting, then the following will give you a brief, yet insightful intro as to how you can wager on the competition. Let’s see the main options you’ve got: 

Race winner/Outright winner: you can bet on which driver will win a race or which driver will win the entire competition in the end. Your bet can be a long-term prediction of the end winner of the whole event or even a short-term prediction of a winner of a single race. Every sportsbook around the world, including those that are listed at, offers this basic market in F1 betting and if you are a relatively inexperienced bettor, then this one is what you should opt for, at least in the beginning. 

Matchups: one very interesting thing about F1 betting is that you are able to find head-to-head markets, where you can wager on which driver will beat the other in a race or who will finish at a higher position. The pairing here is what makes such kinds of bets really attractive to bettors. Sometimes you can find incredibly interesting matchups given by betting sites in Switzerland, which tend to pit drivers with diverse skills against each other and this makes it very exciting. 

Podium finish bets: in Formula 1 races you can also bet on the drivers that will make it on the podium, whether in the first, second or third place. This is a fun type of bet which is also kind of safe as well, given that you have more chances of getting it right. 

Proposition bets or prop bets: There is a wealth of bets that do not involve predicting some kind of an outcome of the race, but do involve wagering on propositions made by the bookies. Such prop bets can range from betting on which is going to be the fastest pit stop to which driver is going to make the last pit stop and from the total number of laps led by a driver to whether a driver will lead the most laps. 

Prop bets can be literally about everything and so punters can find, for example, markets on which driver will retire first or on the number of cautions or even on the driver who will make the fastest lap. Prop bets can be as creative as the bookmakers are and at the same time as interested as punters are on fun and entertainment in F1 betting. 

So, there you have it. These are the basic options that you have when you decide to bet on a Grand Prix and gain the unique experience of wagering at the world’s most iconic motor racing competition, the F1. Go check the schedule and get ready to embark on a very exciting journey!

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