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5 Main Reasons to Invest in a Pair of Skiing Glasses

Skiing is an exciting activity that lets you enjoy the best, although sometimes the harshest, of nature. If you are an enthusiast or just getting into skiing, then you should know how important the right gear is. When you are out there in below-zero temperatures, braving harsh winds and snow, you need to be safe. Proper wear provides that. Sunglasses are part of the great to invest in when skiing or snowboarding. It might not look like it, but sunlight is a major concern when on the slopes. The correct eyewear provides the necessary protection. Find out more about the need for a nice pair of skiing sunglasses.

Protection From UV Light

UV and UVB rays are a big hazard for skiers. Due to the high altitudes, the exposure to ultraviolet light increases when skiing and snowboarding. Prolonged exposure to the rays is what causes snow blindness. The condition, also called photokeratitis, refers to the irritation of the cornea resulting from too much contact with UV radiation. Eyes become red and swollen when suffering from snow blindness, making it difficult to see. Without proper care, the condition can lead to other eye-related issues, including cataracts. Skiing sunglasses do a great job of keeping out UV rays. Some people don’t think UV and UVB light is an issue in cold regions, but it is. Even with overcast skies, the rays remain a threat. As you protect your eyes from harmful radiation, don’t forget about the skin, as well. Apply sunscreen to protect the rest of your face and other exposed areas.

Reduce Glare

The glare from sunlight can interfere with your skiing and ruin your dream getaway. When the sun hits the snow, it produces a strong glare that affects visibility. Without eye protection, you would have a hard time seeing. Additionally, the sun’s glare can damage your eyes. Skiing sunglasses made for glare protection have tinted lenses. Photochromic and polarized lenses provide a filter without dulling the colors around you. They reduce reflection, stopping the glare from the sun and snow from hitting your eyes. Be careful, though, when buying tinted glasses. Excessive filters can reduce your visibility. Photochromic lenses are increasingly popular because they adapt according to the amount of UV light received. So, they adjust to suit your surroundings.

Keep Away Debris from Eyes

Imagine traveling down a treacherous slope, drinking in the gorgeous views and calm atmosphere at your favorite skiing location. The excitement is hard to beat. However, you can only enjoy the experience if you don’t have leaves, dust, particles from whirling snow, and other debris in your eyes every few seconds. You can’t be too sure what’s out there when snowboarding or skiing. Therefore, you should prepare for it. Goggles prevent particles and other objects from entering your eyes. Without eyewear, you can suffer serious damage due to debris. When contaminants enter your eyes, they can compromise your vision, leading to an accident. Also, some particles can harm your eyes. So, find glasses designed to handle the rough environments on mountain tops.

Prevent Dry Eyes

Dry air is a problem most skiers don’t take into account, but they should. The cool, dry air in high altitudes can be disastrous for your eyes, especially if you ski often. Sliding down snowy slopes with the wind blowing against your face dries your eyes quickly. Dry eyes are uncomfortable more than anything else, which can make it hard to concentrate on what you are doing. Grittiness, blurred vision, and soreness are some dry eye symptoms that can get in the way of fun when snowboarding or skiing. In severe cases, the condition can make it difficult to ski or lead to accidents. Skiing sunglasses shield your eyes, keeping out the dry and cold air.

For Safety

Ski goggles, rather than sunglasses, are the best choice if you are looking to improve safety when out in the snow. Snowboarding and skiing involve significant movement in harsh conditions. Accidents happen, and without protective gear, that could mean serious injury. Goggles fit snugly around the face to protect it in such instances. In the event of a fall, crash, or other incident, goggles act as a barrier, thus decreasing the risk of injury to your eyes and face. Most eyewear designed for skiing and snowboarding is strong enough to withstand high impact without injuring the wearer. Of course, glasses don’t guarantee that you won’t suffer injuries from an accident, but the protection they offer is worth the investment.

As you put together the perfect skiing outfit that you are sure can survive the snow + rock punishment, don’t forget about eyewear. A pair of skiing sunglasses will protect your eyes from the sun’s glare, UV light, and debris. Plus, you get to look good while out there in the snow. Take the time to compare skiing goggles and sunglasses to find the perfect pair. Consider the build, material, and fit.

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