The Definitive Guide to F-150 EcoBoost Downpipes

The potential to make big power with Ford’s F-150 EcoBoost is like any turbo-equipped vehicle. Improving exhaust flow, making it breathe easier and more efficiently, will yield increased horsepower and torque throughout the power curve.

The importance of a defensive driving course for truck drivers

Compared to any other workers of a particular occupation, commercial truck drivers are more vulnerable to nonfatal injuries. Severe strains and sprains are most common of them.

Justin Dugan Reviews the 2020 GT500

In this episode of AmericanMuscle’s (AM) Hot Lap YouTube Series, host Justin Dugan visits Shelby’s Heritage Center in Las Vegas, Nevada to review and drag race the all-new 2020 GT500. After months of speculation and salivating over specifications, Justin jumps behind the wheel of Ford’s new halo pony car on the street, road course and drag strip to provide his expert take on the next generation of Ford Performance.

First Data 500 at Martinsville Speedway rundown

Martin Truex, Jr. won Sunday’s First Data 500 at Martinsville Speedway and now won three of the seven 2019 Playoff races and secured a...

Turning Your Passion For Motorsports Into Money?

Car and motor races, in general, are some of the most ancient forms of sports competition on the planet. They were invented at around the same time when the first cars saw the light of day in car manufacturing factories and they immediately attracted a large crowd.

F-150 Oil Separators Tested and Explained

In this episode of AmericanTrucks’ (AT) ‘What’s Up With That?’ YouTube Series, Justin Dugan performs a continuous effectiveness test on oil separators using his 2017 F-150 Raptor. An oil separator, sometimes referred to as a ‘catch can’, is installed in-line with a vehicle’s positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) system to trap blow-by. Since forced-induction engines are prone to blow-by, where increased cylinder pressures force oil past the piston rings into the engine’s crankcase, an oil separator is beneficial in capturing oily vapors to prevent coking on intake valves. Catch cans can be extremely useful in maintaining and safeguarding direct injected engines which lack supplemental port injection, such as the 2011-2014 3.5L EcoBoost as well as 2015-2017 2.7L (Nano) EcoBoost.

The Best Place to Find Speed Bingo Games and Sites Is Here!

Speed bingo is a fun and interactive way to speed up your favorite traditional bingo game. Speed bingo offers a slight variation to the classic game and can be easily played online with the top sites.

Things you should keep in mind before using ceramic coating

Nowadays, ceramic car coating is getting more and more popularity. But, if you are not familiar with this, you might be scratching your brain thinking what exactly is ceramic coating and why should you apply this in your car?

How To Find A Local Painter

Painting your home is typically considered to be a DIY task, but this doesn’t always have to be the case. There is actually a lot of work that goes into painting and it is not something that everyone can do.

How to Get the Most For Your Car in a Private Sale

While trading your car at a dealership may be the most convenient way to sell your vehicle, it certainly won't get you anything close to its real value. Plus, there's also a matter of pride. You've taken great care of your car for years, and selling it for less than its real worth can dent the honor of any self-respecting gearhead.

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