Jeremy Clements

Jeremy Clements – Achieving More with Less In NASCAR

Jeremy Clement’s recipe for success is a combination of talent, tenacity and mathematical wizardry. Throw some sponsorship dollars and a little luck into the mix and it would not be surprising to see him standing in victory lane.

A Conversation with Jeremy Clements

When you drive for a family owned team, everyone has to do their part. Each week is a struggle. Winnings are usually poured right back into the car in a never ending battle to keep the car on the track every week.

Dr. Lapchick Starts Diversity Rehab with Jeremy Clements

Early next week, Dr. Richard Lapchick, Founder and Director of the Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport, will begin his diversity rehabilitation with NASCAR driver Jeremy Clements.

The Future of NASCAR – Spotlight on Jeremy Clements

Jeremy Clements is following a racing family tradition and is determined to add his name to the legacy.

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