The Hot 20 – Get hot in NASCAR and it costs you $25,000, in the NHL it is 2 minutes

A guy grabs you and pushes you around. The universally accepted response is a punch to the other guy’s head. My dad taught me that, and so I taught my sons. It is a simple case of cause and effect, you push to start a confrontation and a punch usually will end it.

Newlywed Bayne hoping to carry momentum to Michigan

Roush-Fenway Racing driver, and Ashton Bayne’s husband, Trevor, is coming fresh off what was probably the greatest week of his life.

Just a Simple Question

We’ve heard for years that the “insurance” NASCAR carries would not tolerate anything over the 200 mph limit, and yet speeds reached nearly 220 mph at Michigan this week and lap times at well over 200 mph. What gives?

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