NASCAR Hall of Fame

NASCAR Must Drop Animosity Toward Smokey Yunick

Any race fan who has been around the sport for the past 20-plus years knows who Smokey Yunick was. He was a genius on top of the pit box and under the hood. He was a brilliant inventor, a crass scoundrel, a blunt straight-shooting American who loved racing.

NBCSN’s NASCAR America To Unveil NASCAR Hall of Fame Class of 2017 Nominees

The 20 nominees for the NASCAR Hall of Fame Class of 2017 and five nominees for the third Landmark Award for Outstanding Contributions to NASCAR will be unveiled live on NBCSN’s NASCAR America.

The Class of 2016 Has Officially Taken Their Place

Today in uptown Charlotte, N.C., the class of 2016 were officially inducted as members of the NASCAR Hall of Fame. Each of their respective career's have in part laid the foundation for the sport of NASCAR we all love and follow.

Finley Factor: Putting A Muzzle On The Dog

The lottery is really just a volunteer tax. Every week thousands upon thousands of people attempt to win it, in spite of the one in million(s) odds. Every week, these same thousands upon thousands of people don’t win the big money and decide to try again next week.

Finley Factor: Class of 2016 Hall of Fame Votes

If there was no Raymond Parks, there would be no NASCAR. Before Parks, all stock car drivers were disorganized with little consistency in who they were running for, or if they were running for themselves, wrecking their car and never being heard from again.

2015 NASCAR Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Honors Five Iconic Wheelmen

Five legendary drivers with distinct styles and contributions to NASCAR were enshrined into the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte, North Carolina tonight during the Induction Ceremony held in the Crown Ball Room at the Charlotte Convention Center.

Odds and Ends as the New NASCAR Season Prepares to Crank it Over

A new season, with a new defending champion, will be soon upon us. Kevin Harvick and the rest of the boys, and girl, will be in Daytona in less than a month to kick things off.

‘You got to learn how to be a good loser and it will make you a better winner.’ – Rex White

“Any driver is going to lose more races than he wins, White said. “You got to learn how to be a good loser and it will make you a better winner.”

NASCAR Champions Featuring Richard Petty

With his tall, slender frame, signature feathered cowboy hat and sunglasses; he is easily one of the most recognizable figures in the racing world. His accomplishments on the track will likely never be equaled and a worthy successor may never be found. There has only been one king in NASCAR and that king is Richard Petty.

David Ragan and Family Turn Road Rally Scavengers for Good Cause

While David and Jacquelyn Ragan are busy with the racing season, as well as preparing for the birth of their first child, they are both doing something a bit unique, turning into road rally scavengers for a good cause.

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