Lap by Lap: Messina Wildlife Animal Stopper 200 presented by Federated Car Care won by Frank Kimmel

Frank Kimmel breaks 75-race winless streak as he returns to victory lane in the Messina Wildlife Animal Stopper 200 presented by Federated Car Care.


Lap 1 Matt Crafton leads Chad Hackenbracht

Lap 14 Erik Jones hits pit road with problems as he loses oil pressure

Lap 21 Caution as Alex Bowman goes for a spin after a flat left rear

Restart Lap 26 Crafton keeps the lead on the restart, over Hackenbracht

Lap 50 Crafton leads Hackenbracht, Mitchell, Swindell, Mingus, Lofton, Kimmel, Hessert, Buescher and Enfinger

Caution Lap 52 Crafton runs out of brakes and backs it into the wall………..leaders hit pit road…….Mingus leads Hackenbracht off of pit road while Swindell stays on track and inherits the lead.

Restart Lap 61 Swindell leads

Lap 62 Swindell and Hackenbracht battle for the lead as Hackenbracht clears Swindell for the lead. Gerhart gets in to the front stretch wall

Lap 63 Mitchell and Kimmel also pass Swindell for position

Lap 64 Swindell and Lofton are side-by-side for fourth

Lap 71 Mitchell and Kimmel are side-by-side for second; Buescher passes both Lofton and Swindell both for position

Lap 72 Mitchell holds Kimmel off for second

Lap 74 Lofton clears Swindell; Enfinger also clears Swindell

Lap 75 Hessert clears Swindell

Lap 84 Hackenbracht Mitchell Kimmel Mingus Buescher Lofton Enfinger Hessert Poole Swindell

Lap 86 Gallagher passes Swindell for 10th

Caution lap 96 Jared Marks has a flat tire and hits the wall going into turn three

Restart lap 115 Hackenbracht keeps the lead on the start

Lap 118 Mitchell tries to get by Hackenbracht, but doesn’t clear him

Lap 119 Hackenbracht Mitchell Kimmel Mingus Buescher Lofton Enfinger Hessert Swindell, Chad Boat

Lap 122 Swindell passes Enfinger for seventh

Lap 123 Swindell passes Lofton for sixth

Lap 130 Swindell passes Buescher for fifth

Lap 134 Kimmell and Mitchell battle for second, Kimmel passes Mitchell. Caution for debris as Mingus’ rear bumper panel comes off after it came loose from contact with Swindell……leaders pit……Hackenbrahct leads Kimmel, Mitchell and Swindell off of pit road. Chad Boat and Brennan Poole stay out to take over top two spots.

Restart lap 140 as Boat leads while Hackenbracht and Kimmel pass Poole for position

Lap 141 Mitchell and Swindell also get by Poole for position as Enfinger continues smoking

Lap 142 Kimmel and Hackenbracht go by Boat three-wide for the lead

Lap 143 Hackenbracht passes Kimmel for the lead as Mitchell passes Boat for fourth

Lap 145 Hackenbracht Kimmel Mitchell Boat Swindell Buescher Lofton Hessert Mingus Poole

Lap 148 Lofton passes Buescher while Reed passes Poole

Lap 149 Hackenbracht, Mitchell and Kimmel battle for the lead

Lap 150 Hackenbracht leads while Mitchell and Kimmel are side-by-side for second

50 to go Mitchell takes the lead while Kimmel passes Hackenbracht for second

49 to go Mitchell Kimmel Hackenbracht Boat Swindell Hessert Lofton Buescher Mingus Reed……Hackenbracht is having fuel pressure issues as the motor is starting to burp

44 to go Kimmel gets by Mitchell while Mitchell get stuck in traffic

40 to go Kimmel Mitchell Hessert Swindell Buescher Mingus Reed….Caution as Chad Boat has a right front tire go flat…….everyone stays out, yet Swindell pits to fix fender damage from earlier contact with Mingus.

Restart 34 to go

33 to go Mingus gets loose and makes contact with Buescher, putting him into the outside wall

29 to go Kimmel Mitchell Hessert Poole Swindell Mingus Reed Buescher Lofton Gallagher

Caution lap 193 Korbin Forrister goes for a spin

Restart 3 to go as Mitchell drops to the inside and falls back on the restart after restarting second.

2 to go Hessert and Swindell both pass Poole……….Mitchell also passes Poole

FL Mingus has issues…..Lofton spins on the last lap after going three-wide with Mingus and Gallagher

Frank Kimmel wins over Hessert, Swindell, Mitchell, Poole

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